Great Start to Quality System Update!
As you learned last month, Great Start to Quality is updating the system providers use to get rated. The improvements being made are based on your feedback and will be much more user friendly. The change to the updated system will take place in September 2019. To help your program learn about these improvements, Great Start to Quality will share information at least monthly, including changes you can anticipate, any action your program might need to take, and the benefits your program will experience. 
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What's New?
It's Connected to MiRegistry

Because we have heard that you have to provide the same information to multiple organizations, updates to the Great Start to Quality system will include a connection with MiRegistry, Michigan's Professional Development Registry. Any information your program has in MiRegistry related to staff education and training will transfer right into your Self-Assessment Survey. This means your program's information lives in one place and you do not have to enter the information multiple times. 

If you already have an Individual account in MiRegistry, great! You are ahead of the game. If not, learn how to create an Individual account. Your staff will need an account too. 

If your program already has an Organization profile as well, even better! The program will be able to easily access your information when the transition takes place in September. If not, learn how to create an Organization profile.
What's Improved?
It's Mobile Friendly

You won't have to have a computer or a scanner to complete your Self-Assessment Survey with the new updates. You will be able to easily access the system with a smartphone or tablet in addition to being able to use a computer or laptop. You will be able to take photos of documents and quickly upload them into the survey. In future communications we will share how there will no longer be a need to link documents to indicators. Stay tuned.

Are you wondering about a specific feature in the current system that might be updated? Do you have suggestions for what can be improved? Share your thoughts by emailing us at so we can share the information that will be most helpful in future newsletters. 

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