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                    Onward into the land of the Oregonians
Don Cooper, on the left, moved his family to Oregon to establish a Pro-life ministry to the young people of Oregon, so Project Truth prepared to go to the University of Oregon and Oregon State to help him with his vision.    
We will rejoice in your salvation, And in the name of our God
we will set up our banners!  Psalm 20:5


We set up on the Oregon State campus

and  just knew it was where we were supposed to be for two days.  


Students are in the dark on this important issue...I don't know why, they just are. Maybe self-imposed.   

Our team was bolstered by a group of home-school graduates from Southern Oregon. 
Led by Alexa Sleadd,
seen here, Erik, Conner, Isaac, Kirsten, and Joy also took on the atheists and agnostics with effective persuasive skills.
Soon we were "protested" by this strange green creature. Not sure of its point, but I was reminded of the purple creature from the Monterey College last year.  
They both had their faces covered...which was probably a good thing.

A larger group of protesters stood near our display at the University of Oregon.  They helped draw a bigger crowd to our message.  I'm sure that wasn't their intention ... but I didn't tell them. 
While the protestors may be a small distraction, the curious come up to us and ignore the noise.
I am having a great conversation with the two women and they are asking good questions. 
It did bother the protestors that we were changing minds.
When the wicked came against me
To eat up my flesh,
My enemies and foes,
They stumbled and fell. Though an army may encamp against me,
My heart shall not fear.  Psalm 27

Bernard continues to focus on the Gospel with students and is a vital part of our team.  He travels with his wife in a motorhome and joins up with us even though he lives and works in Redding.  


I appreciate his dedication to reaching the college culture. 





Thousands of students would pass by our banners and see for the first time the reality of "choice." 


It was nonstop engagement with the students of  the University of Oregon.


Some students told us that our team doesn't speak like


of the Christians that are on campus. When I asked them what they meant by that, the students would tell us that our team "seems to know what we're talking about."     

What the college students didn't know was that Alexa Sleadd was the Oregon winner of the Right to Life speech contest...but they soon found out during their challenges to her pro-life views. 





Pray for Don Cooper as he takes on the challenge of reaching all of the colleges and high schools of Oregon.  


He is an effective communicator and has a strong passion for the abolition of abortion.




One of the highlights of college ministry is when a student comes up to share their personal story that might include having almost been aborted or changing their mind about abortion and saving their child because of our earlier visit to the college.

Whatever the story, their testimony energizes us "for the race set before us."

The Project Truth Spring Tour begins in two weeks.  We will take the Light and lift the trumpet of Truth at eleven colleges and eleven high schools, giving out 50,000 brochures filled with great information and the Gospel.   
Those of you who are our prayer warriors, here are the dates.  Remember we are on the frontline from 9 am till 4 pm. 
The evil One is already at work , trying to put stumbling blocks and challenges in front of our plans.  This happens every time a few weeks before each tour begins.  All aspects of an endeavor like this, from enough literature to the right team members for the tour, are before us. 
I  set my heart and mind on Him and watch Him work it out.  I love this ministry.  
March 4-5 Mon-Tues Modesto JC
March 11-12 Mon-Tues Cal State Hayward
March 18-20 Mon-Tues-Wednesday Bakersfield JC and Cal State Bakersfield
March 25-30 Easter Week
April 1-4 Mon-Thurs Sierra College and Consumnes River
April 8-9 Mon-Tues San Francisco City College
April 15-16 Mon-Tues De Anza College
April 22-25 Mon-Thurs Victor Valley and Antelope Valley
April 29-30 Mon-Tues West Valley College
In His Steps,


                             Thank you for standing with me.




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