The Summer Heats Up for the People of the Cross

As I write this newsletter, news reports are coming in that two church buildings were bombed in Las Cruces, New Mexico this morning.

Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, "Now salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ have come...and they overcame the devil by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death...for the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time."
So you will find me and our Project truth team out among the crowds. That's where you will find Jesus and the disciples in the New Testament and the watchmen in the Old Testament. 
Looking for the lost sheeple.
Fisherman's Wharf was filled with people from all over the world passing by our banners. Over 25,000 souls passed by in 4 hours as we handed out a couple thousand brochures and had numerous conversations.

"You have given a banner to those who fear you, that it may be displayed because of the truth."

Many cursed us and many thanked us.
I spoke with Jews, Germans, Italians, Texans, and Brazilians.

Two Saturdays and 50,000 people.

Bud calms down two locals who approached, hostile to our message. A civil dialogue was accomplished.

John Stoos' granddaughter effectively reaches out to the crowd as John changes hearts at the display. 

Attorney Greg Goehring from Lodi joins our 
team to challenge the lives passing by.

A potential intern, Elizabeth, has a good exchange with the boarders of San Francisco.

                 Pier 39 is a great backdrop for obeying the command to " go into all the world. "

       Some Nor Cal Survivors joined us too.

We are standing next to our new team van provided by some awesome folks on the Support Team.

Another great spot is on the corner of Hollywood and La Palma, right near the Chinese Theater of Hollywood. You may find some of our team setting up the truth among thousands of people trying to enjoy the aura of Southern California. Every summer I join the Survivors abolitionists for a summer camp and we hit the streets of So Cal.

And who came up to talk to me?  None other than Darth Vader and a storm-trooper.
That's right. Seems he needs a force stronger than the imaginary one given to him by Hollywood.

What an interesting life.

We set up the truth at Venice Beach and I enjoyed the powerful presence of abolitionist Janye White,  "tearing down the strongholds" of the beachcombers.  

It is great to see my intern Alexander get to the task with college agnostics walking through the outdoor mall area of Santa Monica. 

Teaming up with the young people of Survivors makes for an abolitionist stronghold on the streets.

This is what I call  "standing in the gap."  Get it?

I like this spot on Hollywood Blvd because the crowds have to stop for the light and stand there for one minute or more to get my minute message of truth.  Then a new gathering each time the light turns red. I've had some great conversations with those who stop to talk. 

Many people visiting Venice Beach would rather talk to me about the truth than watch the guys flexing at Muscle Beach.  

Go figure. 

At least that is what I want to think.

James Conrad is a fresh addition to the leadership team of Survivors and I enjoy standing beside him in the battle.

He and I have stood together in several skirmishes with the darkness.

As for all the intense coverage of the Planned Parenthood videos in the news:

I love the abolitionists exposing the darkest places of the abortion industry.

Many babies will be saved because of truth getting into the homes of couples contemplating abortions.

I have been warning women for decades that the abortion centers are selling their baby's parts.

Two of the brave men who are behind exposing PP are friends of mine and need your prayers during this time of battle.

The abortion centers are still busy, though videos are impacting a lot of people.

All the photos in my newsletters are real moments during my ministry.
And my heart still aches deeply for the trapped women, choosing the wrong way to solve their problems.  

I dream of the day when there will be so many Christians standing outside the abortion centers pleading for the babies that the killing will stop. 


Sometimes I will strategically place these important props where the women turn to go into the PP center.

I watch as they reach down to take the items and spend a moment in contemplation, placing the precious feet in their pockets. 

We save babies.

         We will never give up.

Jerod is a great abolitionist in Fresno.  He and I recently spent some time witnessing to the lost outside the very busy Fresno PP.

I'm almost finished with the Fall Tour schedule of colleges set to begin in four weeks. I'm intrigued to see how the intense scrutiny of PP will play out on the college culture. Should make for great conversations. If you haven't seen the videos exposing the dirty secrets of their business harvesting the baby parts, Here is the link

In His Steps,


                                                         Thank you for standing with me.



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