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"Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act." 
                                                                                                             Dietrich Bonheoffer
Welcome to De Anza College.
If you look closely, you can see the evil spirit's smokey presence looking for a place to get into my head as the professor yells incoherent things at me. He was saying something about twins eating each other in the womb.  I asked him to calm down and be a role model of tolerance to the students. He eventually walked away and took his spirit with him.

The college

continued to challenge our Truth Team as we debated and proclaimed the message of our worldview.


Bernard is sharing the Gospel with these four young men while in front of the P.E.T.A. van that is paying students to watch a video showing the cruelty to chickens and cows.  


The second day as we also shared the quad with the vegans from PETA, I approached the leader, Ryan, and asked if I could ask him a question. Here's how some of the conversation went:


"Ryan, from time to time I dialogue with PETA folks on campuses and am a little perplexed because it seems everyone espousing your goals of veganism is pro-abortion. Why is that?"


Ryan responded, "We believe that all animals have 'intrinsic' value and we should not kill them or eat them."


"That's why I'm perplexed Ryan. How is it you find 'intrinsic' value in living things, but support the killing of pre-born humans living in the safety of their mother's womb?" as I pointed to our display.


Ryan slowed a bit in his delivery and said, "Well, I think the issue is deeper than what you just said."


"How so?"


Ryan looked at me and said, "I don't think "we men" are qualified to decide this issue." 


I looked into his eyes and tried to be as serious as I could responding, "But Ryan, you are not a chicken!  Why are you speaking up for the chickens and cows?"


As that moment of reality soaked in, his co-vegan friend tried to bail him out and interjected with "we think you pro-lifers are hypocritical because you believe in killing other animals, but not fetuses."


I turned to her and said,  "Our worldview establishes that human beings are not part of the animal kingdom and we have been instructed to use animals for food and clothing.  And while there is widespread abuse of the animal kingdom, which I condemn, the extreme solution you propose is not where the answer is found.  It seems to me that your worldview is the one guilty of hypocrisy, because you propose that all animals have intrinsic value and shouldn't be killed, except the preborn "animals" called fetuses." 


It was then Ryan's turn to bail out his co-worker as he stated, "But your views come from a religious point of view."


"Ryan, your beliefs have their foundation in a religious perspective as well."


Quickly Ryan asked, "How so?"


"Do you vegans and PETA followers give your worship to 'Mother Earth' and follow moral codes and guidelines for life derived from that belief?"


At this point Ryan tried to deflect with the idea that he is not trying to force his belief system on others.  I pointed to his display and suggested that he is trying to buy people into accepting his beliefs and is in fact trying to change the thinking of the world. 


I shared with Ryan that our Christian worldview has the evidence and credibility for acceptance.  I told Ryan that he must look at the claims of Jesus Christ and put them to the test, because ten out of ten people die... and because of that we are dead a lot longer than we are alive on earth.  It only makes sense to seek out as much knowledge and understanding about what will happen after we die, not neglecting the creation...and properly prepare to leave earth to face the real Father God


I shared a little more of the Gospel with both of the vegans, shook hands with them, and returned to our display.


Please pray for Ryan...that the pebble I placed in his shoe (soul) will bring him to the Cross and he will love truth more than the chicken



...their foolish hearts were darkened.   Professing to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man - and birds (chickens) and four-footed animals (cows) and creeping things...who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature (Professors) rather than the Creator...Romans 1 


We continued to impact the college throughout the two days and handed out about two thousand brochures


A few more professors expressed their intolerance towards us, with a few trying to have a civil discourse.


The Christian club wanted nothing to do with us. One leader told us he didn't like our approach with the pictures.


I asked him what their club does to impact the students.  He told me they have a Bible study once a week and once a semester have a masquerade party that draws ninety students to hear the Gospel.  I shared with him the countless lives changed by our ministry and the the need to have a variety of efforts to impact this culture of darkness. 


Pray also that the Christians on these college campuses will be bold in their witness of the blood-stained Cross.  

The students read our hand-outs and some come back to ask questions.  We spend most of our time on campuses in conversations, changing hearts and tearing down strongholds of the evil one.








I want to thank those of you who make this ministry possible.  When you look at these photos, you have sent me and our team into the college world to proclaim the Gospel to those sheep lost in the forest of liberalism.






We also try to get to a local high school after leaving a college and catch the students as they go home.


Here we caught the students of Mountain View High. 


One student spent some quality time with Jon and me working through her misguided idea that her abortion was the right thing to do.  After a long discussion, she agreed to read our pamphlet and consider what we had challenged her about concerning her thinking process.   


One more college for this Spring tour.  More stories to follow. 



March 4-5 Mon-Tues Modesto JC

March 11-12 Mon-Tues Cal State Hayward
March 18-20 Mon-Tues-Wednesday Bakersfield JC and Cal State Bakersfield
April 1-4 Mon-Thurs Sierra College and Consumnes River
April 8-9 Mon-Tues San Francisco City College
April 15-16 Mon-Tues De Anza College
April 29-30 Mon-Tues College of the Sequoias
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