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                      March 2015 
My son Jaron and my daughter-in-law Danae are getting ready to finish the adoption process with that awesome little girl... but you must hear the rest of the story. 

Jaron and Danae were watching their children play with another little boy at church, when the other couple mentioned how cool it is that their son's birthday and Jaron's about-to-be adopted little girl have the same birthday. 


The friend told Jaron that when his son was born he noticed a new baby girl in the room with all the other babies at the hospital that seemed to have no visitors.  He found out that the baby was going into the foster care system because the mom is a troubled woman and is not fit to mother the little girl. 


So the friend went back to his wife's room and told her about the little abandoned girl.  They decided to pray for that little girl that God would watch over her and lead her to a good home. For over two years he and his wife have faithfully prayed for that precious life and always wondered what happened to that baby.


Well wonder no more!


Putting all the information together, Layla is that little girl, now safely in the arms of a godly couple, my son, Jaron and Danae.  

So meet my fourth grandchild, Layla. 

Her new brother, who welcomed her into the family, is also adopted because a Christian grandma and grandpa also stepped into the gap of a troubled woman. Their actions allowed the Lord to prepare the way for my son to rescue him too. 

"Rescue those..." is our calling. 

Gotta love God's plan.

Yesterday the evil outside the abortion center was palpable. We knew there were babies needing our voice in the darkness. 

I begged the mother of one abortion-bound teen to go back into the center and rescue her daughter. The mom on the left brought her daughter back out of the center and cried as they asked us to rescue them from the lure of sin.  

We are so thankful for those moments in the gap that bring victory for another baby and her mom. 

The Challenge:   Walk in wisdom toward those who are outside, redeeming the time.  Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer each one.                 Colossians 4:5-6  

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Project Truth needs laborers for the Harvest.  Maybe you know a college-age adult who would like to tour with us and be mentored.
The Lord has placed two so far to travel with our team and I am praying the Lord will send five or six more for 2015. 
Please put this page in the hands of a young person who might be interested.




Continue to remember our troops in the battlefield.  My son is close to the end of his tour in the Middle East.  Pray for the safe return of his brave platoon.  I can't give you more information right now.

                                       Thank you for standing with me.



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