Harvest Time 
                               A Highway shall be there, and a road,
                         And it shall be called the Highway of Holiness.

                                  The unclean shall not pass over it,
                                         But it shall be for others.

                              Whoever walks the road, although a fool,
                                             Shall not go astray...
                                    The redeemed shall walk there...

                                 They shall obtain joy and gladness,
                             And sorrow and sighing shall flee away.   Isaiah 35:8-9
            Cosumnes College-Fresno State-Fresno City College-            
                   Victor Valley College-Mt. San Antonio College

                            Five Colleges and six High schools

                             11 thousand Brochures Given out

          A great team of abolitionists engaging the multitudes

We set up at Fresno State and went "among the multitudes" for two powerful days. 

A little bit of trouble at Fresno City College from some irritated students and some leftist faculty, but God is good and the police were respectful and kept the peace.

  We took on the students at Mt. SAC near Cal Poly Pomona.

One on one with the students and faculty of Victor Valley College in the high desert.
Fresno City College gave our team many great encounters and changed lives. Our display acts like a magnet for many who are wanting to know more or why we are so bold.

In the above photo at Mt. SAC, Ed and his wife Donna travel with us as a team and often stand together scattering seeds of truth. Many students are impacted by older people that are kind and loving and bold with them.  Ed and Donna shine as messengers of righteousness to these lost sheep.
Jarod Ramirez is a mighty presence in Fresno outside the PP abortion center and regularly goes onto the Fresno college campuses alone to witness to the students. He brought some of the fellow warriors in his area to stand with us while we were at the Fresno schools.

Whenever he joins Project Truth it seems he draws Muslims to talk to him.   

His wife joined us for awhile at Fresno State.

Project Truth had good backup all four days.  

Jarod and his band of brothers stood with us as we all challenged the people of Fresno.

More students than ever are coming up to us throughout the day or the next day and thanking us for being on their campus.  One student came up to me as we arrived for the second day and said she took the brochure home and read it. As she was reading it and being convinced that abortion is wrong, she paused, wondering "but what about pregnancy from rape"and turned the page in the brochure, only to find two pages clarifying our answer for that troubling question. She said that after reading the brochure she is now convinced that abortion is wrong and shook my hand to say thanks.

Shannon keeps her focus talking with some troublemakers while some students try to block our display after an African Studies professor challenges her students to harass us and ask that we be removed from the Fresno City College campus.  A godly man, unknown to us, went over to the professor and challenged her false ideas about free speech and quieted her down somewhat.  He was an instrument of the Lord while we talked to the students. 

Another student walked up to each of our team members as we arrived for the second day at Mt. SAC College and shook everyone's hands and with a heartfelt voice said, "Thank you for doing what you are doing on my campus."  

Sooo cool!

Students are reading our great literature, designed for maximum impact.  Students continue to tell us the brochure changed their minds about abortion.

Carol Vaughn is a retired nurse and is showing a woman a powerful video on our tablet.  It is a video of how an abortion is performed.  The woman told her that she thought abortion just removes a clump of cells.  So after Carol showed her the short video, which is animated, the woman was blown away by the reality of abortion as a great evil in our culture.  You can watch the video here if you would like to see one of our tools for changing minds.  Click:   https://youtu.be/5THDmys8z30

The above picture was taken at Consumnes College in Elk Grove.  A teacher from the Sociology class brought her students out to engage us with good questions.  Bud and John very effectively presented the truth to them "while class was in session."

Did you see Satan lurking in the photo above? Here is a closer look on the left.

That's right.  That evil-looking guy in red shoes is a new professor at the college who teaches math and came out to harass  us and try to get the students to ignore us.

He had the satanic laugh and troubling spirit that goes along with someone possessed.

Some students ignored him as he tried to interrupt our conversations, while a few others were afraid of him and walked away.

He didn't stay long because our prayer warriors all over the country prayed for our team and the evil could not prevail.

Forever thanks to those of you who battle for us while lifting us up in prayer each day!!

One-on-one conversations yield great       moments. 

This year we are blessed with couples joining our team from time to time. Check this out below: 

Lee and Linda Haskell
Vaughn and Molly Ulm
Ed and Donna Hopper
Jarod and Marissa Ramirez
Doug and Carol Kannel
Mom and daughter Shannon and Eleyana Rippetoe
Mom and son Carol and Matt Vaughn

Sometimes the warriors work with us in pairs.  

Pastor Vaughn and Molly Ulm, my youth pastor many moons ago, join us when our team is in So. Cal. Molly directed a Pregnancy Help Center for many years.  I love having them stand with us. 

Jarod with more Muslims to witness to proclaiming the real God.

We are going to help her begin to care.

This is a HUMAN LIFE issue and not a man/woman battle.  Once we get some of the emotional arguments cleared up, the dialogue is more productive. Matt and I bring truth to the campuses every week and these Mt. SAC College women listened and had pebbles of the truth placed in their shoes.

James and I had a challenging conversation with this bitter feminist, but the conversation went well with truth planted firmly in her mind.  I recorded it and will be putting out the video soon.
Eleyana and Matt are our
"token" young people. They both do a great ministry for Project Truth.

Both are level-headed and bold with the students who need to see young adults standing up for the truth.
Big Hurdle placed in our path needs big-time prayer and decision.

National Geographic does not like their name mentioned in our great brochure, Unlocking the Truth.  Their attorney just send me a letter telling me that I must remove the quotes from the back page that mention National Geographic.

Here is the back page:

I believe the law is on my side using these quotes under the "Fair Use" rulings.  However, we live in a crazy world with the courts making all kinds of upside down decisions, especially against abolitionists.  So I need your prayer for our lawyers and our leadership in making the right decision on this matter. 

We have bought 90,000 brochures to give out over the next year and a half, brochures that have impacted thousands of lives and have saved babies. 

College professors and feminists, and all types of people continue to tell us that this is the best pro-life material they have ever seen. That's right, even our enemies are impressed with the clarity of our Truth brochure.

The pro-abortion forces are really mad.

Pray Pray Pray

I'll let you know what happens. My prayer is that God removes their hurdle.
We have four more colleges for the Spring Tour with the final three of them very hostile territory.  We are ready for battle and are searching for the lost sheep. We will have great victories in Christ.

          Project Truth College Schedule 2017

Feb.6-7     Los Medanos College 
Feb. 27-Mar. 2  Fresno State and Fresno City College
March 6-7 Consumnes College
March 27-30  (So Cal) Victor Valley College and Mt. San Antonio College 

April 3-4  Los Positos College
April 10-11 Chico State
April 18-19 De Anza College
April 24-25 Santa Rosa College

June 24-29    So Cal Outreach 
July 13-16   Lake Tahoe Outreach

Fall Schedule 2017

August 28-29  Delta College
Sept. 5-6  Sac City College
Sept. 11-14 Hancock College and Cuesta College
Sept. 18-19  Alameda College
Sept. 25-26  Solano College
Oct. 2-4  Univ. of Utah and Salt Lake City College
Oct. 9-10 off
Oct. 16-17 Cal State Stanislaus
Oct. 23-26  Univ. Nevada Reno and Truckee Community College
Oct. 30-31  Shasta College

                                        Thank you for standing with me.



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