Every generation has both its insights and its blind spots.
Kevin DeYoung
Jesus said,
"...to open their eyes, in order to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who are sanctified by faith in Me."    Acts 26:18
We hooked up with the Survivors team and ventured onto the U.C. Berkeley's summer school session.  We met and challenged students from all over the world and had good dialogue on the very spot of the televised riots last month.

Hannah enjoyed the students willing to put their emotions in check and listen to the logical and reasonable truth of the Gospel along with the damage abortion does to our society.
This short testimony is powerful and is the reason Project Truth goes onto college campuses to engage the students. I love this testimony.
Outside abortion centers I continue to enjoy speaking to Spanish people through my IPad tablet with its language app. 

Most languages are covered.  

It is taking some time to master the way it translates, but this old guy is trying to get better at the tech world.

Some of the people are patient with me while I work the tablet.

I speak English into the tablet and it speaks to the person in their language audibly and also in the written form. Then I push a button and it allows the Spanish person to do the same for me.

How cool is that?

This guy (above) didn't like our message while we were trying to save babies outside the Concord abortion center.  He came at Matt with a knife, but then turned and stabbed one of our signs. 

The police told us he is known as a local criminal.

I was actually able to get him to talk to me for a few minutes after his violent outburst, but the drugs wouldn't let go of its slave.

We are thankful the Lord is our protector and it is He who will decide when we are to go home to Heaven.

This is a worker at the Concord abortion center.  He doesn't like me. 
This video shows the reason I go out in front of abortion centers each week. The short clip is edited from a forty minute conversation that went from hostile to being able to see the Holy Spirit open this man's mind to truth.
The Galt Bible Church evangelistic team and Project Truth combined our forces and took the truth to the streets of Lake Tahoe in mid July during the Celebrity Golf Tournament at the Edgewood Golf Course on South Shore. Thousands of people from all parts of the world converge there for a week of festivities.  It is a great fishing hole for "fishers of men." 

We handed out thousands of Gospel tracts and had some great dialogue with people from China (yes, we have Gospel tracts in Chinese), Russia, Turkey, and ten other countries.   
                                               Lake Tahoe Blvd


Some of us go into the Golf venue and give the Gospel to some of the sports celebrities.  On the left, above, I am giving Baseball legend Joe Carter a Gospel tract. He is the one who hit a home run in the bottom of the ninth of the last game to win the 1993 World Series.  Yes, I was star struck, but even more pumped to share the Gospel with him.

Even Larry the Cable Guy (right) posed with me and took a Gospel tract.

I designed this tract below, especially for the week in Tahoe to enhance the odds that the golf lovers will read it, and they do because Payne Stewart was a loved golfer who was admired by millions. People want to read his story.  Below are both sides of the tract. 

The woman, below, approached us and told us that she is a lawyer in Lake Tahoe and said,  "I live in a circle of people who do not ever have contact with people like you (Christians)."  She told us she stopped to talk to us and  "learn more about how we (Christians) think and how our world view is formed." 

The topics started with abortion and continued with the Gospel.  At the end of a great dialogue she told us that she appreciated the civil and caring tone with which we conversed.  I pray the Holy Spirit never leaves her alone and she is eventually changed by the truth.

It was cool to have some of the teens from the Galt Bible Church join us in Lake Tahoe.  

We love going to share the truth with the crowds at Lake Tahoe each summer.  Some have been confronted with the Gospel for the first time in their lives.
As the summer winds down, we are thankful for the Lord keeping us in the fight for the souls of men.  The world seems very much in turmoil right now.  It challenges me to keep going out into the streets offering the only Hope that will bring peace in the world.  
Project Truth Fall Tour starts next week.

August 28-29 Mon-Tues  -  Delta College
Sept. 5-6 Tues-Wed  -  Cabrillo College 
Sept 11-12  Mon-Tues  -  Sac City College
Sept. 18-21  Mon-Thurs  -  Hancock College and Cuesta College 
Oct. 2-5  Utah- University of Utah and Salt Lake City College
Oct. 16-17  -  Shasta College
Oct. 23-26 Mon-Thurs -  Nevada UNR and Truckee College
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