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                 Spring Tour Begins in Nevada

unlvOur Project Truth Team got right to it as we settled into conversations with the students of  UNLV and the College of Southern Nevada.


In four days we handed out over 5,000 brochures at two colleges and six high schools.


Project Truth has now covered the five main colleges and twelve high schools in Nevada.  

We were joined by the Survivors team all week, a group of young adults traveling across the country visiting colleges and high schools with the same message. Together, we made a great team, changing many lives and saving babies.

nevadaAs Jayne, one of the Survivors, struck up a conversation with this student, the student began to reveal that she was six months pregnant and after finding out it was a girl, she and her husband were considering aborting the baby.  Jayne was able to convince her of the recklessness of that idea and the student thanked her for clearing her mind.

A past article in Newsweek magazine called this trend to abort based on gender "designer babies," and is part of the pro-choice mindset.   

No, I'm not a tree hugger.
However, I needed to brace myself during an interesting exchange with a member of the Board of Regents of the college.
The conversation lasted about an hour as he challenged my worldview with his humanistic rhetoric. He didn't like my confidence in "absolutes" and said in frustration, "There are no absolutes!" I replied, "Are you absolutely sure?"
He fumbled with his response and finally admitted he wasn't sure and had to smoke three or more cigarettes during our talk. So I think he got the message of truth he wasn't expecting. 

 Some students would stand off in a distance to read our panels.  Clayton would seek them out and have good conversations, trying to change the minds of the undecided.


Many UNLV students were intense about their beliefs, and were not easily persuaded by logic and truth in a city filled with emotional rhetoric.


This student's boyfriend was conflicted between siding with his girlfriend, and conceeding to our strong points. 

ulm at nevada
Another highlight was the visit from my former youth pastor, Vaughn Ulm, who wanted to experience  the things he had been reading in my newsletters over the years.
Yes, he had survived being my youth pastor in the early seventies and is a pastor in Newberry Springs, California, not far from the campus. 
He fit in well with our team, so I sent him into the land of the giants for one of his first encounters. That's Vaughn on the left, hoping this student likes Christians.
I owe so much to Pastor Ulm and his wife Molly for their time and wisdom during some of my most important years as a teen.   
chet gallegerThe man on the left in this photo is Chet Gallagher, a legend in pro-life history.  He, his wife, and a small band of faithful believers hosted us while we were in Nevada.

Twenty years ago Chet was called to an abortion clinic as a police officer to arrest some "anti-abortionists." He arrived at the scene and refused to stop the pro-lifers from trying to save the babies.  He took off his gun and badge and joined the pro-lifers and was fired from the Las Vegas police department.  He and his wife have had twenty great years since that time serving the Lord and saving babies all over the United States.

The Project Truth team and Survivors are grateful for the encouragement to our teams while we were in his part of the world. 
Through faith they subdued kingdoms, worked righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, became valiant in battle, and turned to fight the armies of the aliens... Hebrews 11:33-34 
Five months pregnant, Diana and her husband, Shawn, traveled into Southern Nevada to continue being part of Project Truth.

Our final day on campus in Nevada, Planned Parenthood set up a banner and podium, only a few feet from our display, to kick off Women's History Month. The host of their event then made a surprising announcement: "This is an open mic for anyone who would like to express their thanks to women in history who made a difference."


I couldn't believe it!


The Planned Parenthood organizers offered some handouts for anyone to read if they needed encouragement to step up. 

So after a few boring quotes read by some students, Survivor member Jayne approached the mic and read a pro-life quote by Susan B. Anthony.  
As you can see by the photo,  the "open mic" folks didn't mean a "fair and balanced event" and promptly told Jayne that she did not have "permission" to speak.
Jayne came back to "our side" and continued talking with students.

Then... Kristina enjoyed a very brief moment at the podium before the host stopped her from expressing respect for pro-life women of history.  
BUT THEN... Brianna steps up to the mic and reads a paper given to her by Planned Parenthood earlier. They didn't know she was with us!
The quote was from a speech by Eleanor Roosevelt calling on equal rights and the "struggle" for ALL people.  
Brianna finished with the added words, "The preborn are one such people and we have to struggle for them.
The host quickly approached the podium and shut down the mic, thus ending the "open mic" on campus. 
The college students all but ignored the Planned Parenthood event that day, with only about six students stopping to listen.  
We handed out over a thousand brochures on that campus and saved babies too.  It was a great time.  
The Spring Tour is in full swing as we go into Satan's stronghold.  Pray that our team will be filled with the Holy Spirit as we proclaim the truth.
   Week      1 Feb 25-Mar 1 UNLV and CSN-Nevada
                   2 Mar 5-6 Folsom College-Sacramento
                3 Mar 13-14 Delta College-Stockton
              4 Mar 19-20 Hartnell College-Salinas
              5 Mar 26-27 Ohlone College-Fremont
              6 April 2-5   Southern California Colleges
              7 April 10-11 UC Davis-Davis
              8 April 17-18 College of the Sequoias-Visalia
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