Crossing the Border into Idaho to engage the students of Boise State and Idaho State

We assembled a great team of abolitionists to set up on two beautiful Idaho campuses throughout the week. These warriors met the challenges that came when the darkness is exposed by the Light. 

I rang the giant bell at the Idaho Capitol to let all the Idahoans know Project Truth was in town. 

That bell had a  magnificent  sound that echoed through the city and my ears.

The Capitol security said it was okay to ring it.  

I would have done it anyway.
Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.  
                      I Peter 5:8

Bernard sharing the truth with an Idaho State student in front of the school mascot.   Surreal.

Many students reacted  with indifference, much like the some California students.   But the truth was planted in their consciences.
Several students thanked us for being on their campus to stir up fellow classmates with the truth.
Don Cooper from Oregon and his son Matt joined us and their witness was strong throughout the week.

You might ask what was so funny?  This woman told me that she didn't want to talk to an old man.  I told her I was willing to talk to a woman with  blue hair .  She thought that was fair and we had a great dialogue as I challenged her humanistic ideas and replaced them with loving and caring truth that could give her a better hope than the disturbing  tattoos  on her chest and the multi-colored hair she was wearing to get attention.

We shook hands and later her friend returned for more conversation.

I joined this conversation with Hudson after awhile and the lady in red didn't like me using the word "truth."  She told me that "all truth is relative."  I asked her if that statement is "relative." She looked at me and said "You know, I don't know what 'relative' means."

There you have it.  These people are just parroting what their friends and professors say.  

I told her that I didn't used to know what "relative" meant either, but I do now and shared with her the reason for absolute truth.  We put some pebbles in her shoes.

It is inspiring to see a mother/daughter team with us.  Eleyana and Shannon are passionate with the truth and are standing in the gap to change hearts.

This is a professor who stopped to speak with me and was quite nice for a college professor.  He was confused on some of his ideas, which included his idea that there is "no proof that there is a God." However he believed that there is a God and I told him that there is overwhelming proof that there is a God...with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus being the most powerful proof.  W e had a good dialogue and I hopefully put some pebbles in his shoes.

The young lady on the right is part of a Christian club on campus.  She and several others from their club met with our team Sunday night to check us out before we went onto their Boise campus.

I thought we wouldn't see them again, but Monday morning she and some of the others from her club came out to our display to watch us engage the students.  After that, she and some of her friends grabbed some of our literature and for two days joined in to persuade her fellow students with the truth.   The photo above is of her challenging her classmates. 

We loved having them stand with us because it is a rare thing to have any Christian club, if there is one on campus, to join our outreach.  We were impressed with this Christian club on campus.

One thing she told us is that when her club sets up their table in the quad, the students walking by don't even notice them or talk to them.  She was really moved at how many students looked at our display and dialogued with us.  I told her that "you can't have an impact without a collision."

I suggested setting up a banner that says "Evolution is a Hoax."  That will get them some good attention.
Ed shares the reality with an open student.  

Ed earlier survived a professor telling him that men are inferior to women because men do not have uteruses. 

Eventually we got the impression that she hates men and I told her that she sounds like a man-hater. 

The angry professor never denied the suggestion.

It is very clear that some students are being brain-washed to hate men and hate American values.

That is why we need to be on these campuses.

We are blessed to have Donna and Shannon reaching out to the students with a motherly demeanor and effectiveness.  
This student approached me and said she didn't think it was right that we show the disturbing images on campus.

Take a look at her shirt. That is a popular gross photo of the Mona Lisa

After some discussion, she said, "I believe a woman should be able to kill her baby in the womb." 

This comment is all too common on college campuses.  
I recorded the conversation and will soon put the video on my website.

Alex was able to share and eventually pray with these students at Boise State.

These students heard the other student say it was okay to "kill babies" in the womb and were troubled by her comment.  Matt encouraged them to stand up for the children being denied the right to life.

It is awesome to see students reading our material all over the campuses.

Invading the campus to change hearts and minds for the Cause of the Kingdom.


This couple had a great conversation with me that I will be posting on my website soon. Both of them were very pro-abortion and were surprised when I told them there are good laws that restrict what we can do with our bodies. The woman student at that point said, "What laws are there telling us what we can or can't do with our bodies?" 


These students really believe the rhetoric they proclaim.  One of the most popular sound bites from the abortion-on-demand crowd is,  "It's my body and people can't tell us what to do with our bodies."

I told her, "There are many laws and there is a great law that does not allow you to get drunk and drive down the street drunk, even though it is your body and your car."

She replied, "But that law is not about your body."

I said, "Of course it is.  It's your body and it's your car.  Why shouldn't I be able to do what I want?"

She then said, "Because you might kill somebody?"


Many of our laws are designed to protect the innocent and restrict what we can do with our bodies if the act harms someone else.

At that point I pointed to the sacrificed womb baby photos on our display and said "Exactly ... Does that make sense?"

She reluctantly said, "Yes."

Soon I will post our video conversation on my website:                                                                                        

I know our message is strong, but it has a great impact on all who see and hear the truth.  Many divine appointments are kept with those who are walking around in self imposed comas.  Our method and message is stirring the consciences and is turning over the hard ground created by an apathetic world. We have given out over 90,000 brochures in the past year, read by tens of thousands of high school and college students.

We are sure that "our labor is not in vain."
                                                Fall Tour 2016

August 22-23- Merced Community College
August 29-30- San Francisco City College
September 6-7- Folsom College
September 15-16- San Jose City College
September 26-27 Boise State, Idaho
September 28-29 Idaho State, Idaho

October 17-18 Sacramento State

October 24-25 Bakersfield Community College

October 26-27 Cal State Bakersfield

                                          Thank you for standing with me.



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