If you look closely you can see seven year old Darias in the middle of a throng of students at Evergreen Valley College near San Jose, handing out our powerful message. Few students turned down his offer to them as he handed out hundreds of brochures throughout the two days. We might be onto something.

                     Butte College

      Students at Butte quickly challenge us

  Royce Dunn joined us at Butte College

       Rod at Evergreen Valley College

We continue to have an overwhelming impact on every college campus we go to during the tour. 


Students tell us that certain teachers allow the students to have a debate about abortion during their classes while we are there. 


Our panels are indisputable evidence for the right to life truths. 


Students use our literature to defend the truth in the classroom debates.

Do you recognize this fellow?  It's Brian Boyd from the History Channel cable program Wild Justice.  He is a Fish and Wildlife Warden in Northern California.  But more importantly he is a real Christian and wanted to join our outreach to the college students. 


I figured he wanted to go "fishing" among the "wildlife" on the campuses and our ministry is a perfect fit for a guy who tracks down angry bears.  Brian wasted no time sharing the Gospel and spent quality time in the forest of liberalism at Butte College.  


We look forward to teaming up with him in the future.  He said he had a great time being a witness for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

                        And speaking of wildlife...



Two protesters of our Project Truth were so irritated at the impact we were having at Butte College they became rabid, deciding to tear up our display.



We have a rule to avoid physical confrontations with those who cross the line and get violent.


We video their actions and call the police.


The Lord restrains us in these moments.



As the woman student (pictured) began to break our signs, another protester came over, grabbed me, twisting my arm into a locked position so I could not move.  The police were nearby and moved in, arresting the two misfits.  


The quick response by the police scared the other protesters into staying their distance.

When the wicked came against me to eat up my flesh, my enemies and foes, they stumbled and fellPsalm27:2 

Our signs were wounded, but we adjusted and repaired the damage and our team continued to engage the students and didn't skip a beat thanks to the police.


A few Christian students bravely came over to defend us and gave their names to the police as witnesses for their brothers and sisters of Project Truth.  The Lord sent them over to minister among us and encourage us to be bold and keep up the battle for the cause of the Kingdom. 

As you read this update our team members are preparing their hearts and minds for the spiritual battle at Santa Rosa College Monday and Tuesday. Two years ago the college had six police surrounding us to keep some students from attacking us.  Those two days were awesome and we expect the same in this battle. 


For some reason the area north of the Golden Gate Bridge is a demonic playground and we have to adjust our armor for the harvest.


Pray for us as we "lift up the banners" and the Gospel is proclaimed.


In His Steps,


Sept 3-4       Chabot College Hayward

Sept 9-10     Sac City
Sept 16-19   Monterey Peninsula College and Cal State Monterey
Sept 23-24   Sac State
Sept 30-1st  San Jose State

Oct 14-17     University of Nevada Reno and Truckee College

Oct 21-22     Butte College
Oct 28-29     Evergreen Valley College

Nov 4-5        Santa Rosa City College

                                       Thank you for standing with me.




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