For a great and effective door has opened to Project Truth, and there are many adversaries.  I Corinthians 16:9 

My fellow warrior Don Cooper from Washington set up a fifteen-foot TV screen in the center of Sodom and Gomorrah (San Francisco) on the corner of Market and Powell.

He invited Project Truth to join him for a proclamation of the truth, both of the Gospel and against child sacrifice. This area gets large crowds from all over the world.  

I had cancelled my trip to DC and decided to join in the West Coast mission to the lost who were visiting the Bay area. That's Don Cooper with the mic and me in the gray.  I am thankful for Don to set up this powerful outreach.

As you can see, we brought our "posse" with us...OK, we didn't hire them. The San Francisco police have always been great in providing strong protection for events that might seem to invite hatred from the locals.

I'd like to have the SF police tag along when we visit the colleges this season.

Many people stopped and listened to our speakers and watched the videos on the screen while we offered our brochures.

We did have some protesters, but brave warriors who joined us from Las Vegas, Washington, Oregon, and Southern California walked among the crowds and engaged the people.

There were many people waiting to catch a ride on the cable car and had to wait over an hour.  That's right!

We had an audience of folks from every part of the world, listening and waiting, some engaging us and others trying to ignore us.   But it was God's plan at work on the corner of Powell and Market.

I challenged the people in line and had some great conversations that included those in line who didn't want to talk to me but had to listen because others in line took the challenge to talk to me. I love how God works.

Many couldn't help but watch the truth. 

Others tried to ignore, but Don Cooper was proclaiming the truth and all were listening.

Some people would walk by and whisper "God bless you," and we wondered why they whispered.  

Shout it out Christians!  Don't be timid.

This four-minute video is one of the messages we played on the screen. There are no graphic photos on this segment, but it is VERY powerful and was played loudly in the center of an evil city.

Please watch this effective presentation.

It was played among other powerful videos throughout the day.  Awesome!!!

Pray for the two young people pictured above.  One is a nice woman from Sweden and the other is Bert from SF.  

Both are very lost, but engaged in a good dialogue.  The Swedish woman could not seem to let go of her feelings being the gauge for truth and yet was willing to ask good questions. She wasn't angry, as the look on her face  seems to imply.  She expressed her thanks for talking to me.  Bert was a man who has been brainwashed by a secular education, yet was thankful for the civil dialogue as well. 

We are still outside the Concord Planned Parenthood on Tuesdays. They sometimes get very busy.  Matt had his hands full as he and I challenged the people going into this abortuary.  There are no churches in the Concord area who have any desire to rescue the babies on the killing days.  

Many churches support the local Pregnancy Help Center, but think that is enough. And babies die EVERY week while the "Christians" in Concord on Tuesdays keep busy with other things seemingly more important than "warning those being led to death." 

Pray for laborers for the harvest.
                                   There are many adversaries...

This guy above said he was going to "get his home boys to come and take me out."

I don't think he meant for lunch.
    But we won't give up the fight!

This is why we stand up to the adversaries.

A mother approached me on the street to express her thanks for pleading for the life of her baby.

She changed her mind and showed me her little boy, who is in better shape than her cell phone.

She hugged me and I hugged the Lord for calling us to this awesome task.

                         "God does not want to be a tool in your plans...
                               He wants you to be a tool in His plans."

Here is the schedule for the Spring Tour.  Join us if you will.  We are excited to get back on the college campuses.
2017 Project Truth Schedule

Feb.6-7     Los Medanos College 
Feb. 27-Ma. 2   Fresno State and Fresno City College
March 6-7  Consumnes College
Mar. 13-14  Off
Mar. 21-22  Chico State
March 27-30  (So Cal) Victor Valley College and Mt. San Antonio College 
April 3-4   Los Positos College
April 10-11 Easter
April 18-19  De Anza College
April 24-25  Santa Rosa College

July 13-16  Lake Tahoe Outreach
June 24-29   So Cal Outreach

Fall Schedule 2017

August 28-29  Delta College
Sept. 5-6   Sac City College
Sept. 11-14 Hancock College and Cuesta College
Sept. 18-19  Alameda College
Sept. 25-26  Solano College
Oct. 2-4  Univ. of Utah and Salt Lake City College
Oct. 9-10 off
Oct. 16-17 Cal State Stanislaus
Oct. 23-26  Univ. Nevada Reno and Truckee Community College
Oct. 30-31  Shasta College

                                        Thank you for standing with me.



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