Marching into the Darkness
This is  why we stand in the gap.

As the weak dad roams the child sacrifice center parking lot, waiting for his wife to do the evil deed, their other child runs up to Debbie, who is pleading with the dad to "go back in and rescue his wife and pre-born child."

She hugs Debbie with a solemn and fearful grip, never letting go.

The dad was caught off guard by his child's action.

We continued to challenge the dad to do the right thing, but he never did.

That little child knew something terribly wrong was happening and we were there to be her voice.

"Lord God, shine Your light and never let me weaken in the battle for the little ones."

Over one million people every year willingly enter the abortion centers.  

We are God's mouthpiece to those in the darkness.

"Do not be afraid of their faces, for I am with you to deliver you," says the Lord. "Behold, I have put my words in your mouth."
                                Jeremiah 1:8-9
                     Our college outreach tour is also going strong.
Spring College Tour:       Please note the changes 

Feb. 22-23          Delta College-Stockton

Feb. 29-Mar1      U.C Davis

Mar. 8-9 Tu/Wed Chabot College-Hayward

Mar. 14-15           American River College

Mar. 21-22           Yuba College

Mar. 28-31            Easter Break

April 4-7               Cal Poly Pomona and Chaffey College

April 11-12           Modesto JC

April 18-21           Monterey Peninsula and UC Monterey

April 25-26           UC Merced

                  Students at Delta College are very open to dialogue

Some of our newer members of Project Truth jump right in and share the truth.
Carol Vaughn, a registered nurse, joined us because she saw how much impact her son, Matt, was having as part of our team.   She wanted in on the action of saving lives.

Doug, from Galt Bible Church, joined us because he wanted one of our cool hats.  He and his wife also wanted to engage college students with their seasoned wisdom.

But what happened to Doug later on in the day would make him a charter member of our team.

A woman student walked up to Doug and said,  "I just wanted you to know that I had scheduled an abortion later this week, but today I canceled my abortion because you people brought these disturbing photos onto my campus and they opened my eyes."  

Then she bear-hugged Doug as they both stood there and cried. 

Welcome to Project Truth Doug.

Thousands of pieces of the truth are spread across the campuses each day and the seeds are planted. 

Some land on hard ground, like garbage cans and sidewalks, but most make their way into hearts and minds.

We see about 5 to 10 per cent thrown away, but God called us to put the seeds of truth out there in the "highways and byways."
We've been told by well-meaning friends that college students don't want to talk to old people and we'd be more effective with a group of young people.

I'm sure glad Ed didn't listen to that conventional wisdom.

I continually ask the Lord to send us more laborers, younger workers, but He keeps sending me older people...mostly. 

And the college students keep listening and being changed by the truth, not youth!

Someone needs to tell Bud, Methuselah's younger brother, that the young people setting up their Muslim table next to us don't want to talk to old guys.

Hurry up!  Oops, too late. 

Bud and Matt engaged them with the real Jesus for about twenty minutes and each one of the Muslims willingly took copies of "One Heartbeat Away" and exchanged emails, asking for more dialogue on this Jesus Bud and Matt were speaking about.   

Go figure.   

Oh no! Another older guy, John the Baptist, witnessing to two students.  

They're not listening John!


You've been talking with them for twenty minutes?

Maybe they didn't notice you're old...or the Christ-like spirit you express to them is the key to dialogue for many others as well. 

Our youthful team members continue to present the truth and effectively point the students to the Cross.

This student was very open to the Gospel and asked for more information that will help her find repentance and forgiveness in Jesus Christ.

College students don't get much exposure to real Christians and are curious when they meet us. 
This month my niece and hero Kortney was gifted to our family and for twenty-eight years she stood for the innocent.  

I don't need to look far for inspiration to keep up the fight.  This photo of her at the "not so" Supreme Court is a reminder that the battle is great and the stakes are eternal.

Thank you Lord for those who have gone before us leading the way. Tell my niece I miss her deeply, but it sure seems the Reunion is not far away.
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