A Mighty Fortress is our God
While standing outside an abortion center in Modesto the other day a grateful grandmother wanted to express her thanks for our efforts to save her grandson, pictured here (a photo from her phone). I remember the day she came up to us pleading for help to talk her daughter out of going into the center.  As we were talking, the daughter drove into the parking lot and the tears and pleas flowed into the air.  After some time in the abortuary, the daughter ran out and this little guy is alive today because people were standing in the gap between life and death.

After our incredible time at Chico State, we recharged our spiritual batteries and prepared for two more hostile colleges, De Anza College near San Jose and Santa Rosa College, north of the Golden Gate Bridge.  They both turned out to be as tough as Chico, maybe a little more so. But wow did God work.

Our signs destroyed at Chico State were replaced in time for the remaining colleges. You see, the Lord placed it on the hearts of those who read my newsletter to contact me and offer to send the funds to replace the banners. AWESOME!  We didn't miss a beat and stepped onto the De Anza College campus ready for battle.

De Anza College is a very humanistic campus where much of the faculty and students are hostile towards the things of God.  Several students expressed their allegiance to Satan and boasted about the Satanic Temple they attend. 

And that is why we must go to these campuses with the Light.

Click on the arrow below and listen to this student embrace child sacrifice as "amazing."

As Hannah challenges students to think through the issue of child sacrifice, students listen and many times thank us for coming onto their campus.

It's disappointing that sometimes well-meaning Christians will tell us that nobody wants to hear our message or that we are wasting our time."

I'm glad Hannah is on our team effectively presenting truth.

Our attorney Mike Millen lives near De Anza and his sweet wife Nia joined us just in time to calm down some angry students who decided to listen to her and learned some lessons in logic.

One student invited Nia to sit in on her African Studies class and while in there the teacher allowed Nia to participate in the discussion.  

Nia came back to tell us that every parent should sit in on a college class to see the terrible things students are being taught.

We show the truth and students are impacted to the point of change.

We continue to have students tell us that they saw our brochure on the table in the library, picked it up, read it, and went from pro-choice to pro-life.

Linda, in the blue, got motivated every time Lee would come home and tell her stories of God at work on the campuses with Project Truth.

So she said "I want in on some of that" and joined our team.  

There's always a button student on every campus and Carol met this one.

We hear some crazy one-liners throughout the day like, "Only white people can be racists."

They learn these sound bites in some of their classes.
Some teachers encourage their students to come out to the display and ask us questions.  This group above approached John and sat for a long time asking great questions and for the first time getting the truth.  These students were respectful even though they were made up of all pro-choice and pro-homosexual beliefs.  They shook hands with John and later walked away with pebbles of truth in their shoes.

Above photo: We did have some of De Anza's finest protest us the second day.  The best line of the day was:

"We are here to defend and protect our feelings."

That pretty much says it all.
I did have to contact the police on the De Anza campus at one point.  

A few students tried to steal and destroy our literature, but there was no spray paint this time.

The administrator at De Anza thanked the protesters for their protests against us.

As you can see from our pictures, it was a great outreach with many students engaging us.  We gave out over a thousand brochures and impacted this campus greatly.

If you ever wondered how some of our conversations go, click on the arrow in the middle of the photo below and listen in on the message given to these two students.

This was a good conversation.
On every campus we go to there are a few students and faculty who do what we call "drive-by cheap shots."  The most common cheap shot is:

"You people are wasting your time.  Students are not interested in your propaganda. They are throwing away your materials.  Nobody wants you here."

I'm not sure what planet these shouters are from, but they're not paying attention. This is a common picture below of students reading our message.  These two guys sat there for a half hour discussing the brochure.

We always enjoy the challenge of Santa Rosa College and hadn't been there for a few years.

This college also has a very satanic presence about it.

But the administrator at Santa Rosa College is very respectful and professional. Over the years I have built a good repore with him, even though the college is very liberal. When we arrive, there are several police there to protect us and there is an officer on a balcony with a video camera running both days we are on campus.

The whole set-up is for our protection.  We appreciate that.  If you don't believe me, check out the video below and watch one student express what many on the campus believe.  I warn you it is disturbing and coarse. She does keep her clothes on in the video segment.

And yes, Ed and Donna got more than they planned for when joining Project Truth.

The student, in her anger towards us, stripped down and spent an hour berating us.  It was troubling because you could see the power of Satan over her.

We did try to witness to her and present Christ to her, but Satan would not have it. However, we treated her with love and compassion.

Click on the arrow in the photo...but be warned.

This is a professor of Religious Studies at Santa Rosa College who hated us and our message.  He spent a lot of time trying to destroy our statements and encourage students to avoid us. He even handed out some papers of rambling thoughts to disprove the Bible is God's Word.

It seems this guy spreads intellectual cancer on this campus, polluting the minds of America's youth.

Bernard gave him the truth and defended the Faith well.

The professor's name is Eric Thompson and you might want to see his bio online.

We set up our display and students want to engage us.  Respectful and powerful light in the darkness.

The misfits who try to discourage others from listening to us are not very successful.

We have great dialogue with students and a few faculty and our team is a strong presence on every campus.


Our team is equipped for battle and does a GREAT job of ministry among the students.

I'm blessed to have strong fellow warriors as fellow-laborers on these important mission fields.  We are changing hearts and minds for the cause of the Kingdom.

Pray for Matt as he is trying to go full-time as an abolitionist. He loves traveling into the college mission fields.

This is where Christians need to be...

in the thick of the battle ...

understanding the time is short...

engaging, witnessing, challenging, pleading...

"knowing that our labor is not in vain in the Lord."
During our travels we come across some little known places.

In Chico we found the National
Yo-Yo Museum.  That's right!

The Yo-Yo is on the left (no funny cracks) in the photo and the world's largest at 260 lbs. Yes, there are photos of it Yo-Yoing from a crane.

There were Yo-Yos from all over the world on display and I was like a big kid enjoying the displays.

          Project Truth College Schedule 2017

Feb.6-7     Los Medanos College 
Feb. 27-Mar. 2  Fresno State and Fresno City College
March 6-7 Consumnes College
March 27-30  (So Cal) Victor Valley College and Mt. San Antonio College 
April 3-4  Los Positos College
April 10-11 Chico State
April 18-19 De Anza College
April 24-25 Santa Rosa College

June 26-30   So Cal Outreach
July 13-16    Lake Tahoe outreach
July 21-24    San Francisco outreach

Fall Schedule 2017

August 28-29  Delta College
Sept. 5-6  Sac City College
Sept. 11-14 Hancock College and Cuesta College
Sept. 18-19  Solano College
Sept. 25-26  Cabrillo College Santa Cruz
Oct. 2-4  Univ. of Utah and Salt Lake City College
Oct. 9-10 off
Oct. 16-17 Cal State Stanislaus
Oct. 23-26  Univ. Nevada Reno and Truckee Community College
Oct. 30-31  Shasta College

                                        Thank you for standing with me.



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