"We are not to wait for a move of God...
                       ...we ARE the move of God." William Booth

We take the truth to Satan's strongholds.  The Mormon Temple overlooking San Francisco Bay is a great place to find the deceivers of the LDS.  I had a good dialogue with Greg the Temple Elder. 

Matt, Hannah and I challenged this blind soul with the words of Isaiah 43:10 which declare that "There was no God formed before me nor shall there be after Me."

Joseph Smith was wrong again. 

While Mormons try to insist that they worship the same God we Christians do, nothing could be further from the truth. Their twisted teachings believe that God was once a man created when another God had sexual relations with one of his wives in another part of the universe.  Then He eventually became a God having a sexual relational relationship with one of his wives, producing Jesus and Satan who are brothers.  WOW!  That is not the God of the Bible.

The worst part is that some well-meaning Christians think Mormons can be Christians.

There is NO WAY a Mormon can be saved believing in the Mormon god because that god is none other than Satan.

Here is an edited clip of our conversation regarding who God is and do we both worship the God of the Bible.

Pray that the Word of God convicts Greg to turn away from his false god and put his trust in the real God.

Now you know what I do when not on the college campuses.  I like looking for the lost and engaging them with truth.

I also spend more time at abortion mills and travel around Nor Cal trying to save babies  where most Christians are nowhere to be found in the battle for the babies  and their moms. Chico and Concord are two such places where the child sacrifice centers shed the blood while the thousands of Christians in those towns  stay busy and far away  from the actual killing places. Last month our team saved three babies.  
This young lady walked up to take our picture outside the Chico abortion center and express her disapproval of our efforts.

Here is a video clip of our brief exchange. 

Many people admit to what she admits and it is our ministry to expose their flawed thinking and try to point them in the right direction.

Pray for Caroline.

We had to deal with several police this past month

Nobody went to jail!  But sometimes we are glad the police are around.
This nice man (pictured below) wanted to mess up my beautiful face and other parts of my body.
His wife was right behind him walking up to see if any part of me was left after he was done.
The Lord decided He didn't want to see me yet and this guy eventually walked away.

I call this the walk of darkness as thousands of couples have followed this path at the Planned Parenthood in Concord.  I pleaded with this couple to choose God's plan over the flesh.

The guy in the green (above) is an escort for PP trying to interrupt Matt and Malinda's efforts to change people's minds.  So much for choice.

Sometimes I go to Fresno to stand with Jarod Ramirez.  He saves babies and shares the Gospel with all the people going into the PP there. Jarod has his own business, Fresno Carpet Care, and takes off work to be there. There are thousands of Christians in Fresno who could join Jarod in the gap on Wednesday mornings but are too busy.  It's no fun and in a dangerous part of Fresno.
We must be about the Master's business and stand in the gap.  Then we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor like the moment last week when I got to meet the little boy we saved three years ago in that very spot.  Here he is in the photo below.  His grandma wanted me to meet him face to face.  She also said he has a little sister.  That always reminds me that when a mother changes her mind, the babies following are indirect saves as well. 

The 2017 Fall Schedule:

August 28-29  Delta College
Sept. 5-6  Cabrillo College
Sept. 11-12 Sacramento City College
Sept. 18-22  Hancock and Cuesta College
Oct. 2-5 Utah Colleges
Oct. 16-17 Shasta College
Oct. 23-26 U.N.R. Nevada and Truckee College
Thank you for standing with me.

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