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 At The Well Ministries 2012

             Summer Ministry Update 


You might be asking where you can find me when I'm not on a college campus.


I go fishing! 


Not for salmon or trout, but for the lost.


On any given day you might find me at an abortion center like this Planned Parenthood in Stockton, warning people of the consequences of living immoral lives and trying to give them the information that will save their souls and put them on the right path with God.     


Planned Parenthood recently moved to a new location that made our access to the clients the best ever.


I thanked P.P. for thinking of our sidewalk counselors when they relocated.  Then they called the police.   Hmmm.


We will save many babies there.


You may also find me on Wednesdays challenging abortionist Michael Weiner at his Modesto abortion center before he goes in to kill twenty to thirty babies up to six months along.


Amazingly he will get out of his car each week and have long discussions with us and does listen as we try to break through the evil shield he puts up to justify his actions. 



On occasion you might find me with my granddaughter. She wants to be a woman of God and stand up for the babies and wake up her generation. 


One of the best moments for me was to stand outside an abortion center with her and try to save babies. 


Recently the news media began reporting that the younger generation is questioning the rationale for the legalization of abortion.


The media reported that one of the factors for the change of hearts is that some young people are realizing that their parents may have aborted their brothers and sisters. 

laHad you visited Venice Beach in L.A. you would have seen me joining up with the Survivors to present truth to the thousands of visitors and assorted locals. That's me in the middle, listening to Director Jeff White defend our right to be in this area.  For hours we spoke with people from all over the world and showed the reality of abortion to them.  The police told us that each year we come to Venice Beach we change a lot of minds and that they (the police) actually like our attitude and message. The officer told Jeff that there are a lot more people in Venice Beach who support us than we would think.  Go figure.

There are people from all over the world who visit Venice Beach and I shared the Gospel with willing Germans, Norwegians, and even  Brazilians. 
What a great fishing spot. 
One teen girl I spent a lot of time with was a prodigal daughter living in the area, but wanting to go back home.  Somewhere a mom and dad have been praying that someone would reach out to their daughter. 

If you visit Evergreen Baptist Church in Rosemead each summer, you would recognize me standing out front, warning the sheep that their shepherd is leading them over a cliff.  In this photo, a church member is trying to explain what his pastor meant when the pastor told the congregation that the number one problem in the world is overpopulation and that the younger families in his church should not be having order to help the planet stop "groaning" from the abuse by humans.


You can go online to their website and listen to the whole humanistic message and ache with me over the loss of the Spirit in this church. 

OH! I forgot to tell you that directly across the street from the church (see white sign on right of photo) is the Family Planning Associates abortion center... AND they are doing abortions on Sundays, all morning. 

There is not one person from the church who leaves his or her comfort zone who goes across the street to plead for the babies and their moms.  

I would walk back and forth across the street, first calling the church folks to walk across the road to save babies, and then go up to the women entering the abortion center, begging them to choose life. 
On this day, a "woman at the well" changed her mind and I was able to get her to go to the Pregnancy Help Center down the street that is intentionally open on Sunday mornings for the women.
Praise the Lord!
I often wonder if the Evergreen church-going folks consider which one of the travelers in the parable of the Good Samaritan they would best represent? 
If you are still looking for me this summer, try Hollywood Blvd and Highland right next to the Chinese Theater.  I was just there proclaiming the truth to to crowds of folks walking the Walk of Fame.  It's another great place to fish. 
It's one of my favorite spots to speak to the crowds because the buildings all around make a great echo chamber and my voice carries halfway down the street. 
I even witnessed to Darth Vader and Superman.

The summer is almost over and the next Project Truth Tour begins in four weeks.  We are getting ready and will cover many colleges and surrounding high schools.  Below is the list for the Fall tour. 


Remember, we are Christ's ambassadors and are having a great impact for the cause of the Kingdom on the campuses.  The enemy is strong, but "our God is an awesome God" and will use us to declare the Gospel and "speak for those who cannot speak for themselves."


Those of you who are our prayer warriors, stoke up the power of prayer for the team as we put on the whole armor of God to do battle in the Fall.  Also pray for "laborers for the harvest" and God's provision in all aspects of the success of this mission.


If you would like to join us, please let me know and I will take you fishing with me to some great fishing holes. 


Yuba College August 27-28

American River College Sept 4-5
Laney College-Oakland Sept 10-11
Alameda College-Alameda Sept 12-13
Las Positas College-Livermore Sept
Hancock College-Santa Maria Sept 24-25
Cuesta College-San Luis Obispo Sept 26-27
Stanford Oct 2-3
Diablo College-Walnut Creek Oct 9-10
University of Oregon-Eugene Oct 15-16
Oregon State-Eugene Oct 17-18
Shasta College-Redding Oct 23-24
In His Steps,


                             Thank you for standing with me.




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