Project Truth Spring Outreach

So who keeps putting these places near the colleges.  Money may not grow on trees, but cookies do?  

At Chabot College Rod enjoys the shelter from the rain to reach students, as all of the students used this corridor to pass by our display.

                   Lee explains the Gospel to students at Yuba College.

Pastor John Stoos from Sacramento is a warrior who has fought beside us for thirty-two years.  He joined us at American River College, engaging students with the Christ-centered worldview.  Matt decided to try a cowboy hat for Project Truth and seemed to draw some into good conversations. 

This guy didn't like cowboy hats, Christians, the Gospel, or civil dialogue.  He has come across our display at three different colleges over the past four years. 

He was ticked. 

Yet we did not let his evil words stop our message.

We were blessed again to have the famous Royce Dunn stand with us at Yuba College. Bud seemed to be very effective engaging students while standing next to the "Hot" WI-FI spot.

Bernard and Justin clearly present truth to interested students who will walk away with pebbles of truth in their shoes at American River College.

Many students are shocked that abortion is legal all the way till birth.  The truth is sadly missing on most college campuses.  Our ministry is effective because truth is effective.

Here is a short clip from last year at Sierra College, of a student who is open to truth and has a change of mind.
Picture Guy

You won't understand this photo unless you watch the above video clip.

This bold Christian student is the same guy that is in the video!

He obviously  transferred  to this university and came upon our display again, now a year later. 

He walked up to these pro-abortion students who were protesting us and began to challenge them about their rhetoric.  He spent a long time giving them the truth and they listened to him.

What a great God we serve!

Remember I have a webpage now and have some interesting videos and information for you.

    Pray for victories on these upcoming campuses

Spring College Tour:

Feb. 22-23          Delta College-Stockton
Feb. 29-Mar1      U.C Davis
Mar. 7-8              Chabot College-Hayward
Mar. 14-15          American River College
Mar. 21-22          Yuba College

April 4-7       Cal Poly Pomona and Chaffey College
April 11-12   Modesto JC
April 18-21   Monterey Peninsula and UC Monterey
April 25-26   UC Merced


  Thanks children of the King.

                                       Thank you for standing with me.



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