Satan will not bother a person who has quit fighting...but the cost of quiting will be a life of peaceful stagnation.  We sons and daughters of eternity cannot afford such a thing.   A.W. Tozer

Our tour took us to Southern California and we ventured onto the Cal Poly Pomona and Chaffey College campuses. Four great days presenting the Gospel and handing out over 4,000 brochures among the college students and five high schools.
Wisdom calls aloud outside; she raises her voice in the open squares. She cries out in the chief concourses (college walkways), at the openings of the city...I will make My words known to you...I have stretched out My hand and no one regarded...because they hated knowledge and did not choose the fear of the Lord...Therefore they shall eat the fruit of their own way...But whoever listens to Me will dwell safely, and will be secure, without fear of evil.
                                                                                                                              Proverbs ch. 1

Chaffey College students were more open and friendly, while Cal Poly students were tough to reach. 

My former youth pastor, Vaughn Ulm (left) and his wife, Molly (right), joined us and had good dialogue with students. Pastor Ulm had a great influence on Brenda and me during our teenage years. 

While at Cal Poly, most students were apathetic. Then this group of Christian students gathered right near our display to pray.  Their desire to see God work through us on the campus stirred our hearts and gave us an extra boldness to meet the challenge of this difficult campus. Thank you bold believers of Cal Poly.


Now watch what happens with some extra prayer covering.

We're pumped up and ready for the battle.


Here they come. All the students are about to get mega-truth by the Project Truth team.
James Conrad, from Survivors, joined us.  He and I stood in the middle of the popular walkway, challenging students wanting to avoid reality.  It reminded me of a student walking by our display at another college with her eyes covered shouting, "Don't show me those photos. I don't want to live in reality.  I want to avoid the truth."

This Cal Poly student walks out to Hannah and says, "I was given your brochure and went into the library to study. Instead, I read through the whole brochure and am coming out here to talk to you. This information has really changed my heart and I need to make some things right with God."

Our display wagon is filled with good tools for the searching students.

As tough as Cal Poly was, we handed out over 1,500 brochures and witnessed to many students.

We didn't give up.

Ed continues to reach students with the truth. 

These girls were seen walking down the walkway in serious dialogue about the child sacrifice industry.

We were blessed with a good team at Cal Poly and shared the adventures with Lois Cunningham, the wife of Gregg Cunningham, one of the grandfathers of the abolitionist movement.  Gregg is the founder of the Center for Bio-ethical Reform and the GAP project. He has been a mentor to many of us who stand in the gap for the babies and their moms.

We stayed with it and shared the Gospel with many students right outside the campus library.

Matt and James engaged the students with logic and reason.
College students too often live by emotions and feelings.

At Chaffey College, located at the foot of Mt. Baldy, near Rancho Cucamonga, I love saying that... "Rancho Cucamonga"...we were blessed and impressed by this student (in the middle) who came up to our display pumped about our visit to her campus.  She asked to join us for the day and started right in witnessing to her classmates, skipping all her classes. She even took Matt around to some other spots on campus to hand out our materials.    

There are many who do not know anything about the issue of abortion or the Gospel.

Too many people have a Biblical vocabulary, but do not have a Biblical dictionary

Hannah is in her element when challenging college kids about the two competing worldviews.

Pray for Hannah as she petitions the Lord for the ability and opportunity to travel with our team all year long.

She is a strong warrior for the Kingdom.

Carol has decided to join our team for this year and is a registered nurse.  She is already doing a great ministry among the students through Project Truth and loves witnessing to the lost Muslim women, so blinded by the evil of Islam.
Our final college for the Spring tour would be UC Merced. It was action packed, with lots of protesters.  But I'll save that story for the next newsletter.
Spring 2016 College Tour:     11 colleges and 22 high schools covered 
         Delta College-Stockton
         U.C Davis
        Chabot College-Hayward
        American River College
        Yuba College
        Cal Poly Pomona and Chaffey College
         Modesto JC
         Monterey Peninsula and UC Monterey
         UC Merced

                                    About 40,000 brochures and tracts given out
                                   Praise our Mighty Lord

This Chaffey College campus was in a beautiful location near "Rancho Cucamonga" with good seeds of truth planted in the minds of the students.
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