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Some of you may think I'm monkeying around when not on college campuses. I want to tell you that's not true. 
I am letting my hair grow out a little, but everyone on our team are preparing for the next tour, while still engaging the lost at abortion centers in different cities here in Northern California.  
Every week I stand in the gap outside the Planned Parenthood abortion center offering hope to the troubled souls.
Notice they don't mention abortions on their signs, yet lure the couples into the center with free help.  
It is an effective location in Stockton for shining the truth in the darkness.
I give out about fifty brochures each morning I am there, and speak with many "Christians" ensnared by the evil one.

High schools are a great fishing hole for the message and we try to catch students right up to the last week of school.  A lot of schedules for schools are changing, but the students are really curious and open.
John and Bud love to challenge the students towards chastity and holiness.


We often give out five hundred brochures or more without incident at every high school, yet once in a while a parent wants to flex some anger towards us. 


This fine role model parent screamed at me that she believes "teenagers should have the right to kill babies" (her exact words) and that I should not tell them otherwise.  She stood at the gate yelling at the students "not to take" my literature...for ten minutes.


In spite of her terrible actions in front of Manteca High School, the students took our information willingly.   


   The students are respectful.






My son sometimes joins Project Truth and on this occasion Manteca's Finest gave him a visit to make sure he was not a threat to the students.


Most of the time the officers are respectful and handle themselves as professionals, as in this case.


My son wanted to know if our outreach includes jail time.


Some parents were disappointed that we were not hauled off.




Bud didn't fare so well with the Sacramento Sheriff's Department. He was arrested near a Planned Parenthood while offering the clients literature to guide them away from the death business.


He expects to win in court against the unjust arrest.


As a retired NCIS officer it was irritating to be cuffed...except for the cause of the innocent.





Sean and Diana are busy creating future Project Truth team members.


They hope to continue going onto the campuses with these awesome gifts from God.








Bernard is soon to check in and get ready for the Fall tour.


I know he's somewhere in the Redding area taking the Gospel "to the highways and byways." 



One of the greatest moments this summer was to be in a judge's chamber for the announcement of the adoption of my new grandson, Bret.


My son and his wife are rescuing the fatherless, and this little boy is the first of many to be rescued.   

Others on our team are about the Master's business this summer and will be checking in for marching orders.  


I am putting together the schedule now, and it will be an intense journey into some difficult bastions of the atheist worldview...campuses like San Jose State, Santa Rosa College, and the University of Nevada, Reno.


Gotta love the challenge!! 


We are getting our trumpets shined and ready for the charge.


Please "pray for laborers for the harvest." It would be incredible if six or eight people would step forward and become interns for one year or short-term missionaries with Project Truth. 


There are some college-age young people who want to be strong witnesses for Jesus Christ and just need some boot camp and battlefield experience under their belt to strengthen them for the cause of the Kingdom. 


I know you are out there...please respond to the call!


Get in touch with us and we will help you work out the details for an unforgettable year of witness throughout California. 

In His Steps,


                             Thank you for standing with me.




I am Don Blythe of At the Well Ministries. This ministry of 28 years uses the the abortion issue as a springboard for sharing the Gospel.


My mission field comprises three main areas of outreach:  the abortion mills, high schools, and college campuses.


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I do not use the content of the letters to talk about financial support, and for 28 years the Lord has supplied my needs through the prayers and financial support of a small number of churches and individuals who believe in what I do and have seen the fruit of this labor.


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Thank you for standing with me.


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