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With the help of our youngest team member, the Project Truth warriors went to battle on 8 colleges and 16 high schools during the past few months, giving out 25,000 brochures filled with the information necessary to change the hearts of the students being indoctrinated in government schools.  We have a clear Gospel presentation in every brochure, and in our dialogue with the students, offer Bibles and two other great books,"One Heartbeat Away" and "I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist." 


For two days on each campus we pack a powerful message and the Christian Worldview gets center stage. 

uc davis 

On the second day at U.C. Davis we were met by opposition from the "Women's Center". They brought out umbrellas, even though it wasn't raining, hoping to keep students from looking at the reality of "choice."
But for some reason, their spinning umbrellas drew attention to our display, that was larger than their umbrellas, and 15,000 students showed greater attention to our panels, along with our handing out 2,000 brochures and having many powerful engaging conversations.  
We thanked the "Women's Center" for helping us get the message out. 


The campus police were instructed to arrest us for violating one of their policies. However, something or Someone made the officer in charge decide against it. I'm sure he took some heat for protecting our free speech.

We unintentionally timed our visit to Davis on what we found out was Spring Visitation by hundreds of high school students and their parents, who came from all over the country.
Team member Art took full advantage of the opportunity to get our materials in their hands.  






Some college students were difficult to communicate with... 








...while others were willing to bow their heads in prayer... right in the middle of the U.C. Davis Quad.


Dr. Bielejeski, pictured, sometimes joins the Project Truth team. On any given campus we  have a doctor, biologist or a theologian with us to challenge the students who try to trump us with the academia card. 


When a student questions our education as an excuse to not accept what we state, I call one of our "more educated" team members over.  It's always fun to look at the student's face as I introduce Bernard the Biologist from Cal Poly to enter the conversation. 


The Lord has gifted us with a variety of talented people, whether college-educated or self-educated, boldly using their gifts to change the world for the cause of the Kingdom.  

For two days our team had great debates and dialogue with the students of U.C. Davis, bringing the Light into their dark world.  After this, we headed to College of the Sequoias... but that's another story.
Through faith they subdued kingdoms, worked righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, became valiant in battle, and turned to fight the armies of the aliens... Hebrews 11:33-34 
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I am Don Blythe of At the Well Ministries. This ministry of 28 years uses the the abortion issue as a springboard for sharing the Gospel.


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