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It has been three years since our last visit to Chico State and the first day this time started out with most students ignoring us as much as possible, although we had 15 warriors in the trenches.



"We lifted up our banners with the truth" as Psalm 60:4 commands. The disking and preparing of the fields began.  By noon we were the talk of the school and students were troubled by our message.

Here's a sampling of the many conflicting comments we were receiving throughout the two days:

"Nobody's listening to you crazies."

"Wow! Those photos are disturbing."

You've really got me rethinking the issue of abortion."

                                 Our team got right to work.
"Our campus is an all inclusive campus."

"You people shouldn't be allowed on our campus." 

" I disagree with your message, but I'm glad you are here today. I enjoyed the challenge."

"For me 'abortion' was just a word.  Today you made me see the picture that goes along with the word.  You have gotten me to change my view."

Bernard gave out over 400 Gospel tracts the first day. 
Please listen to this one-minute testimony from a precious student who approached to thank us for being on her campus. Just click on the arrow in the middle of the photo now.
Project Truth Warrior Hannah, above photo with the hat, recently quit her job and stepped out by faith to engage the tie-dye culture with our team.  She is an effective witness for the cause of the Kingdom. 

Carolyn grants an interview (above) while her daughter, Laura, (below) boldly steps up to change minds.

"I can't go to any of my classes without them talking about your signs.  The photos are all over our social media websites."

"Thanks for coming onto our campus.  I debated my pro-abortion roommate in the dorm all night."

"Nobody at Chico State wants you here."

"I love your team being here today.  You need to be here every week.  I am a professor here and love your message and the way you present yourselves. I want to start a pro-life club now."

"You people are giving out false information."  So I asked, "Could you give me a few examples of our false information?" The student answered, "I haven't read your literature yet."

Above is a popular Chico State Professor of Human Sexuality classes who led a group of students to oppose our Project Truth display for both days. The students she inspired brought out some interesting signs and their presence increased the interest in our display.  

It was tough out there among these promoters of immorality, but I was proud of our team who were focused and led by God's Spirit in the midst of the lion's den.

John is standing right behind the professor in the photo and was able to witness to her a little later in the day.  Please pray for this teacher.  She agreed to consider having John speak in her classes as a guest speaker in the future.

What an opportunity!! 

If your children or grandchildren take the Human Sexuality course at Chico State you can check online some of the class assignments expected of the students:

Three page paper on "The pleasure of the pain. Why some people need S+M."

Another assignment: Submit one pair of underwear to the teacher decorated with your favorite message or slogan.

And to make this seem more unreal, there is a statement at the bottom of the assignment page that reads:

"Entries that are obscene or pornographic or disparaging of individuals or groups will be returned without earning a grade."

I'm not making this up!  But what if I believe the whole class course is obscene?

There is a webpage called "Rate your Professor" and several students submitted their comments about this teacher's class.  Here are a few that I hope will make it crystal clear why Project Truth and CHURCHES need to be rescuing students from these government institutions:

"Take her class. She will change your perspective on so many things and will open your eyes to the world around you." 

"This teacher is awesome. She has a passion for changing the world one class at a time."


Right out the Garden of Eden the snakes are in the classroom offering to "open their eyes to the world around them."

Is your soul stirred to action by this evil in our land?  

Pam, Carole, and Hannah thought it would be good to challenge this student about her misguided sign.  They took offense to being called "old while men." 

Carole told me she loves to have students who often sarcastically ask her or Pam about their education, implying that Pam and Carole are uneducated women.  Our very educated ladies tell the students that they are both Registered Nurses.  The look on the faces of the students is always worth the moment. 

It's collision with the truth time.

One-on-one dialogues are always better.

Would you like to listen to this conversation?

In a couple of weeks I will download to my website our ten minute dialogue that includes the student telling me she believes in killing babies in the womb.


Then it happened.

Some troublemakers spray-painted our banners.

John put up an umbrella, but it didn't help.

The two criminals took off but they found out that "old white men" can run sometimes.

When the police finally arrived the criminals had already bolted, but without their bikes.  The two old men were out of breath, but wouldn't let go of the bikes.

We informed the police that they caused $2,000 in damage to our signs and we wanted them arrested.

It appears the perpetrators were not students so it is going to be somewhat tougher to find these people.


Our retired NCIS team member Bud Reeves is on the case and is holding the school and police to the fire.

Stay tuned... 

You must watch these two guys (above) in action. I have embedded a one-minute video (below) of what happens as they try to harass our team. The man in the hat arrived to mock us and act like a fake preacher.  He had written down some thoughts to belittle our team...BUT the protester on the right thinks the hat guy is part of our team and begins to shout him down and get in his face.

The hat guy can't figure out why the sign guy is shouting him down.  

The enemy was turning on themselves, just like in 2 Chronicles 20.

"Do not be dismayed or afraid...for the battle is not yours, but God's...Position yourselves, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, Who is with you."

The hat guy never got to mock us anymore and leaves, baffled by his supposedly pro-abortion friends turning on him.

The yelling subsided after that and the conversations increased. Praise the Lord.  

You must click on the arrow of this short video below.

These few crazy moments that Satan tried to deter our message did not stop us even though we felt a little battle-worn by the end of the day.  As we got ready to leave a large group of students approached our one clean-sided display and told us they were on a class assignment from a political science course to ask us several questions.

This rejuvenated our team and many more students came up to dialogue with our team for the next hour and a half.  Check out the crowd of students in the below photos.

What Satan meant for evil, God used for good. Genesis 50:20

I recorded the questions the class asked and our answers.  I will post it on my website in a few weeks.  You can see how we present truth to interested students.

One of the best elements in these times is that the protesters are told to be quiet by their classmates so they can listen to our answers.  The sign-wavers have to listen along with the others for the whole time, getting an extra dose of reality.

In the above photo, the student on the right finally said, "You have caused me to rethink my understanding of this issue."


We had a great outreach at Chico State and are on to De Anza College in Saratoga, near San Jose which is a college much like Chico State.  Pray for our team.

"Have Truth, Will Travel"
  Project Truth College Spring Schedule 2017

Feb.6-7     Los Medanos College 
Feb. 27-Mar. 2  Fresno State and Fresno City College
March 6-7 Consumnes College
Mar. 13-14  Off
March 27-30  (So Cal) Victor Valley College and Mt. San Antonio College 
April 3-4  Los Positos College
April 10-11 Chico State
April 18-19 De Anza College
April 24-25 Santa Rosa College

                                        Thank you for standing with me.



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