Rescue those being led to death...  
Proverbs 24:11

If someone told you that over the next 32 years you will be  cursed at, spit on, punched and bloodied, knives thrown at you, arrested, family threatened, burned with cigarette, and jailed, just to name a few moments... in order to rescue this little baby girl and countless others, would you do it? 

This photo was sent by thankful parents to my phone, reminding me of the worth of the Cause.

This little angel was so close to death as her mom and dad approached the sacrifice center thinking two children were all they needed.  Their lives were in shambles at the moment.  Debbie and I pleaded with them for an hour as they both cried and struggled just a few feet from the entrance.  But God continued to bring the conviction on their minds and the couple turned away from the center after all of their excuses faded away. 

Now their lives are not in shambles.  The husband found a good job and a four-bedroom house.  The wife says, "This baby is the best thing that has ever happened to me."

Only one more decision is necessary to complete the blessings on this family. Pray for each of them to place their trust in Jesus Christ and become members of the family of God.

          YES!  It has been worth all the attacks to save babies.
"When the watchmen sees the sword coming upon the land and blows the trumpet warning the people...those who hear the trumpet and do not take warning, their blood will be on their own heads...but those who take the warnings will have delivered their lives."  Ezekiel 33

Joseph, an evangelist from Sacramento, joined Project Truth and Galt Bible Church for a weekend of outreach on the streets of Lake Tahoe during the Celebrity Golf Tournament.

Joseph brought his trumpet and stood near the  gondola  on Lake Tahoe Blvd, playing the Hymns of Faith to the passing crowds as we engaged the people.

It was a great sound echoing through the streets. 

        Our team filled their pockets with Gospel tracts, brochures, and DVD's.

Wearing proper evangelism clothing is important.  Cargo pants and plaid shirts is a must.   Kindred spirits don't have to be told .
I tried to help the lonely folks from the Watchtower by explaining to them that cargo pants and plaid shirts, along with the true Gospel, make for a better outreach to the lost.

We witnessed to many of the people walking by and had some great dialogue, while the Watchtower people did not have one person talk to them all day. For that I am glad.  I don't want anybody talking to them anyway.

One such conversation was with this couple from Vietnam.

They had NEVER heard the Gospel. 

We talked and I listened to them describe a repressive country in Vietnam.

They both spoke very good English and willingly listened to the truth.

Pray for this couple as they read "One Heartbeat Away" and consider the words of the message that I shared with them that day.

The truth fell on fertile ground.

Some ground wasn't so receptive to the warnings from God and challenge of the Gospel.

The Lake Tahoe culture is very hostile to the message of a Holy God holding people accountable for their sinful lifestyles.

Many of the locals expressed their hatred for our message.

One local made her own sign and challenged our team for our message.

She did look at our college brochure and had trouble using reason and logic to form her views.

For the most part we had many good dialogues with vacationers and locals. Sometimes the conversations drew a crowd, with some passersby thanking us for standing in the gap.


While many tried to ignore us, some stopped to see and hear the truth.

Many people had to stop at the light and were waiting for up to a minute to cross the street.  I thought this would be a great place to give a minute 

All day long I spoke up for "those who cannot speak for themselves."

We stood for three days throwing the seeds of truth into the fields of Lake Tahoe.

It was a good mission called on by our Lord to "rescue the perishing."

There are hot spots like this special large crowd summer weekend in Tahoe all over the world.  

One of our own, Alexander, is on his way to Rio to reach out to the masses who will be at the Olympics. 

With the world in so much turmoil, we who are the light, must be out there to warn and declare God's Word to those who will listen.

All year long I look for fishing holes to throw out our nets for "there is coming a time when we will not be able to share the message anymore."
This Saturday August 6th at the Planned Parenthood baby sacrifice center in Concord, CA, 2185 Pacheco St., I will be standing in the gap to rescue the children and their mommies.  

If you live in the area I'd love for you to join me from 7:30 a.m. till about 11 a.m. This is not for the squeamish.  The neighborhood is not friendly and the threats are real.  But you will see and experience our calling to "go into the world." There is no Christian witness at this location even though there are over one hundred churches in that area.  There is a breakfast place next door where many Christians sit on the patio eating breakfast, watching couples go into the center.  I am trying to establish a witness there and could use your help to blow the trumpet Saturday morning.
              The Fall College Tour is only 3 weeks away!

                      Here is the schedule.  It is going to be challenging.
August 22-23- Merced Community College

August 29-30- San Francisco City College*

September 6-7- Folsom College

September 12-13- De Anza College*

September 19-20- San Jose City College

September 26-27 Boise State, Idaho*
September 28-29 Idaho State, Idaho*
October 3-4 Salt Lake City Community College, Utah*
October 5-6 University of Utah*

October 10-15- Off

October 17-18 Sacramento State

October 24-25 Bakersfield Community College*
October 26-27 Cal State Bakersfield*


                                          Thank you for standing with me.



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