Biggest Outreach to Date  

I warned the Project Truth team that Sac State and Cal State Bakersfield would be difficult campuses to reach because there is so much apathy.   So when we set up our display we did not expect the great response that followed.  Not that most students weren't apathetic, but we gave out more information and had more conversations than ever.  In two weeks we distributed over 7,000 of our brochures and as you can see we got tons of attention.

It was fantastic!
So this is what it looks like from behind...
But this is what it looks like from the hot seat...
And this is when the seat gets  hotter .

At least three different "classes" throughout the day met with me.  I imagined being Professor Blythe of Sac State and these were my students.  With few exceptions (one student spit on me), the students were respectful and listened as we explained the message of the child sacrifice industry and how our country arrived at this dark place in history.

Thousands of students filed past our banners and team. We went fishing among the schools of fish and had a great impact on the campuses.

We had more students thank us for being on their campuses than ever before. Many who opposed our message thanked us for being civil and told us our brochure was "compelling" and "effective." Some of the Sac State faculty even told us they were on our side.

    Many students told us we had changed their minds about abortion. 
Bernard was very busy sharing the Gospel with many students who were "ripe unto harvest" at Bakersfield Community College.

At Bakersfield Community College the students were open to listen as Donna challenged them to rethink their apathy about child sacrifice.  Many students told us they had never seen photos of aborted babies.  Hard to believe. 
This student approached Carol and told her that she was grateful for our presence on her campus in Bakersfield.

Mary shared how her birth mother tried to abort her at 7 months and the abortion failed, at which time she was adopted to a loving Christian home.  Although Mary has a few physical problems, she is thankful to be alive and hates everything about abortion.

I encouraged her to contact Gianna Jensen, who has a similar testimony and speaks all over the country about God's grace.

Mary was an inspiration to our whole team that day.

Thank you Lord for adopting Mary into a Christian home. 

     Meet Mary on this short clip of her thanking us for being on her campus.

Abortion Survivor
Abortion Survivor

We prefer one-on-one conversations, and that's usually what we get.  Debbie likes the smaller groups to speak with...we all do.

A Psychology teacher came over to challenge Alexander and told him that we were presenting a compelling argument.  She said that she would be encouraging her students to come out and speak to our team.

We love setting up in the center of the campuses.  Between classes students will come up and share very personal stories with us.  Some even tell us they skipped class to talk to us.   God is so good.

Students are drawn to the display and don't notice the senior warriors being the voice for the pre-born babies.  The message is so powerful that the truth outlasts the critics and skeptics.     

The Pen is mightier than the sword...
to paralyze the Caesars,
And to strike the loud earth breathless!


One more great memory occurred when Ed was approached by a college staff member the second day.  She told Ed that she also works at a government counseling center in the afternoons.  After she received one of our brochures the day before, she had a client who told her that she wanted to get an abortion.  The counselor pulled out our brochure and gave it to the client, telling her that she needs to read the truth brochure and not have an abortion.  The counselor returned to our display to request a whole batch of our compelling brochures.

                               Can you say "Awesome God?!" 

For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh.  For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ...     II Corinthians 10

   Project Truth is meant to be on these college campuses...seeking the lost.
August 22-23- Merced Community College
August 29-30- San Francisco City College
September 6-7- Folsom College
September 15-16- San Jose City College                  
                                                            Another Successful Tour
September 26-27 Boise State, Idaho
September 28-29 Idaho State, Idaho
October 17-18 Sacramento State
October 24-25 Bakersfield Community College
October 26-27 Cal State Bakersfield

                                        Thank you for standing with me.



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