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                  Update on taking Project Truth to the Central Coast 


We set up for what would be four great days on two college campuses, Hancock and Cuesta. 


With the support of a small band of local abolitionists and a strong pro-life church in Santa Maria, we were energized by their encouragement. Those folks have always been full of love and strength as we arrive to do God's will in their community every two years.


When we arrived on the campuses it didn't take long for the students to express their interest in our presentation.   


We threw out the nets of truth as the fish swam by our displays. 


Most students willingly took the literature and many returned to share their personal stories of sadness or victory over the abortion issue.   


Faithful Bernard loves to share the Gospel one on one and watch the students show interest in the message of repentance and reconciliation through Christ.


In the evenings we talk about being able to watch the expression on their faces change as they begin to finally understand the reason for the Cross.


Many college students are searching for hope.  

The challenges never end as these two administrators told me I could not approach students, but could only wait till the students approached me while I stand by the display.  

I nicely explained to them how free speech works in a free society.  They respectfully disagreed, but left us alone.  

It seems other visitors to their campus obey unconstitutional policies.

At one point this student stood and shouted evil things towards us and then went into the library stating he was going to "cut me open." 


He was a convicted felon and was hardened by his life of wrong the campus police took his threats seriously.


BUT, an hour later this mean dude was sitting with me on a bench listening to every word I shared with him.


The police were nearby and got to see the Lord at work on their campus.  

It took four police to watch over us the rest of the day, but our team handed out thousands of brochures while among the college students of Hancock and Cuesta... 


and I didn't get cut open! 


The police this year have been very respectful and protective of us at the colleges.





We didn't let anything distract us from our mission and convinced a lot of students to stand for the pre-born members of the human race.


Even some of the atheists and pro-abortion students admitted we had put together a compelling argument for the end of abortion in America.




This college professor came out to tell us that he is a lone Christian voice on campus and was thrilled we were on campus. He said we were having an impact among the students. 

One of the highlights of our Central Coast trip was going to the high schools in the area and catching the students as they leave for the afternoon. 


Here at Santa Maria High School we handed out 1,000 brochures.  Most students were great and we only picked up 60 thrown on the ground. 



We targeted Arroyo Grande High and Morro Bay High the other two days and found students would even come out to the sidewalk to get our literature before school started.


High schools are a great fishing hole for the truth.





I want to thank John and his great kids, along with the Malfos, Pastor Paul and his folks at Santa Maria Calvary Chapel, and the rest of the Central Coast believers, for being great hosts. Together we changed many lives.


The Project Truth team loves you. 

                       Our next stop - Diablo College...
In His Steps,


                             Thank you for standing with me.




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