Summer "Show the Truth" Outreach

On the corner of Hollywood and Highland in Southern California you can meet people from all over the world...even Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Mouse. 

Nine of our Project Truth warriors traveled into the melting pot of Hollywood, Santa Monica, and other hot spots to show the truth and hand out Gospel tracts to people from Sweden to Columbia to China.  Yes.  I have Chinese tracts.

I was upset when Spiderman approached, growling and cursing me for ruining his street business.

I never wanted to get on the wrong side of Spiderman .

Every time the light would turn red, I would have a captive audience for a minute or more and at the next light a whole new group of listeners. Some would try to ignore, while others listened.  Our team would pass out our information to whomever would be ready and willing to consider our warnings and admonition. 

Standing outside the Ripley's Believe It Or Not store made for an interesting backdrop. But as you can see, many people took notice of our message and we planted seeds of truth into their minds. 

This is a powerful statement that Hannah made throughout the week of our missionary adventure. 

Those who saw this sign will never be able to say they did not know.

A photo speaks volumes to those passing by our display.  

Our country is crumbling around us. We must go to the streets and proclaim the truth, calling people to repentance.

At a busy corner in Laguna Beach, these young teens stopped to listen and stayed to receive truth. They each willingly took the materials and some thanked me for sharing the message with them.

Alexander and Donna did not give up the efforts to get the truth into the passing crowd's hands in Santa Monica.

Donna is our newest warrior and labored like a veteran.

The fields were tough, but she shined all week. 

At the entrance to the Huntington Beach Pier, Shannon explains to a couple in front of one of my favorite signs the meaning of choosing life.

Ed and Alexander engage shoppers at the outdoor mall in Santa Monica. 

Pray for Andrew, in the blue shirt. He listened to the Gospel, along with his two Muslim friends. 

There were thousands of people at this fishing hole throughout the day.

I am so proud of our lady warriors, who boldly listen, and then explain to all who challenge us. 

Hannah, Donna, Shannon, and Carol listen to these two articulate teens before explaining why our biblical worldview is the reasonable and logical explanation for the issues of life.

The man in the blue shirt came across the street in Huntington Beach to stand with us for about an hour and have conversations with those who opposed us.  He was excellent in his reasoning and demeanor.  We appreciated his support to be bold and stand with us.

It was a great setting to be near the beach, with an ocean breeze. 

Hudson didn't let the view of the Santa Monica Boardwalk keep him from focusing on the lost walking by our signs.

Thousands of cars passed by our banners every day.  Some people cursed us while others gave us a thumbs up.

Most people don't want us to disrupt  their comfort zone.

As Shannon tries to engage some hard hearts, I am reminded that the Lord tells us:  

   ... straight is the way and narrow is the gate ... and few find it. 
                  Matthew 7:13-14

We must not let apathy and rejection keep us from our duty to warn and proclaim the truth to our culture.   The world is not pounding down the doors to attend our churches because they do not want the Righteousness of God in their lives.  In both the Old and New Testament, God's people took the message to the streets.  That's a major element of true Christianity.

We are fishing...looking for those divine appointments...laboring in the fields...waiting on the Lord to renew our strength...for the next encounter. 

                      Some people listen and learn...some people never learn.

We know that our tracts will be read by many and the truth found in our literature will be used by the Holy Spirit to bring people to a heart of repentance.


"And on some have compassion, making a distinction; but others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment defiled by the flesh."   Jude 

We are Ambassadors and Vessels for Noble Purposes.

We started the week with a visit to First Baptist of Hollywood and ended the week with a visit to the Ronald Reagan Library.
Our next mission will be on the shores of Lake Tahoe July 22-24.  The Celebrity Golf Tournament will be going on that week and there will be crowds of people all weekend waiting to see the truth.  If you are interested in going, let me know. 

We are also looking for a lodging place on South Shore to sleep about 15 warriors.

Some of our team also continue to go to abortion centers during the summer weeks and you are welcome to join us anytime.


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                                       Thank you for standing with me.



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