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At the well bannerSpring Tour
          We will rejoice in your salvation, And in the name of our God
                       we will set up our banners!  Psalm 20:5

                    Above is the Cal State Hayward Campus from the Lord's view 


We began our Spring Tour with a passion for the freedom to express our beliefs in the marketplace of ideas...the colleges.  With four colleges visited so far, we are having great results and handed out thousands of brochures. I ordered 50,000 more pieces for this tour because we ran out of our last batch on our final day in Bakersfield.  I had to order more Bibles as well.  

This tour seems to be bringing many one-on-one encounters that bear much fruit.
It is pretty surreal that many students share personal stories on their first time talking with us. Angie and Bernard are prepared for the challenge
We are convinced that this is a God thing in every way.  His Spirit is working among us on the campuses. 

John spent quality time with this atheist, who came back for more the second day at Modesto Junior College. John placed more than one pebble in the student's shoe.


The student I'm talking to on the right set out to write an article about our team for the college paper but spent most of the time asking questions that led to the Gospel.  She was seeking the Way, the Truth and the Life, and Project Truth knows where to find Him.  Pray for this student to repent and place her trust in Jesus Christ.  She now has knowledge of the Way.  

The fish continued to swim toward our nets on the Bakersfield College campus.  We had some help when the Survivors team joined us for two weeks.  This is the college where a few years ago there were students who spit on us and threatened us.  But not this time! The campus police told us they cleaned up the college and kicked out the spitters and anarchists.
The fishing spot was much more workable.
Our senior team members, Bud and Martha, continue to show their passion for the lost.
The young atheist man Bud is sitting with declared to his friends that we were not like some of the religious people on campus, in that we are making reasonable arguments for the Faith. 
Our team is hearing that statement more often and it does bother us somewhat.  At the Hayward college, a Christian student told us there isn't a Christian club or witness at her school.  Where are the para-church Christian organizations and their vision to engage the college culture?  Unfortunately, we do run into the Mormon and Muslim missionaries when we walk onto a campus.  
Our team was strong on the Modesto College quad.  The colleges are fertile fields for the seed-planting of the truth.  Tom, along with his wife Karen and daughter joined us as well to change Modesto minds.  Karen often sits with her camera ready for the protection of our team.  I thank all those who find the time to snap a photo to document our ministry.  My newsletters are enhanced because volunteers take the time to click the harvesting moments.




Mike Lasiter and Kevin Borden joined us in Modesto always prepared to share the Gospel with the students.     

It's good to have our "Team Doctor" join us at some of the colleges.  Dr. Tom is a retired surgeon and loves to talk to the students and confirm our claims for those who might question our credibility if we don't have a bunch of letters after our names. 
When the Cal State Hayward administrators called the Army to fight our team, Dr. Tom defused the situation quite well.
Ok...they didn't really call the Army...but maybe someday they will.
Diana and her husband Sean are back after Diana gave birth to her second child. 
Their new son holds the preborn display for emphasis.


Steve Macias, with Cherish California's Children, is also working with us on tour.  Steve is our "Team Theologian." 


His wife Sarah is with child and will join us to keep an eye on Steve. 



















The Survivors, pictured above, traveling team of Christina, Eric, and Shorty spent time with us before going to some southern states.  They also helped us leaflet the local high schools that are near the colleges. 

I don't talk too much about our high school outreach in my newsletters, but we find out what time a high school gets out before leaving the college, and stand on the public sidewalk as the students pour out and give out hundreds of brochures each time.   Below are a few more pictures at the high schools.








We are often told that our presentation on the campuses has created debate and discussions all over the college and in the classrooms
We are even told that our display is being broadcast on all the students' Facebooks and cell phones and that the faculty network is buzzing.   Awesome!

As the woman pictured passed by the display, her eyes seemed to say, "Die, mister, die."  I still asked her for her thoughts and she let me have it with her hatred for us coming onto her campus with "gross and disgusting photos that kept her from concentrating in class." She told me, "It is wrong to show things that would detract me from my education."


I asked for permission to be strongly personal with her in my response and she said ok.  I then asked in a compassionate way how it is ok for her to come on campus with metal spikes embedded all over her ears, eyebrows and lips (I counted six on her lips) and grossly dirty words tattooed on her forearms (don't read her forearm in the photo), and not think that would be distracting and gross for other students sitting next to her in class.


She said that her expression was considered "art."  I pointed to our display and said "our photos are revealing truth."


What she said next was unexpected and broke my heart.


She looked me in the eyes and said she is a "PK."  That's a preacher's kid. I asked her where her dad is a pastor and she said, "He was a Southern Baptist preacher who died when I was 12 years old." 


My heart ached for this woman as I realized her "expression" didn't seem to be "art" but an angry, bitter spirit towards God.


As I spent a few more moments trying to feel her pain, it was one more encounter with the darkness found all over the college campuses. 


I reached out to her and offered more direction towards the Cross and then offered my hand to her.  She reluctantly took my hand and I thanked her for sharing her story with me.  I hope that touch and dialogue planted a seed for this lost soul.    

So onward we go into the trenches battling for the souls of men and women.
March 4-5 Mon-Tues Modesto JC
March 11-12 Mon-Tues Cal State Hayward
March 18-20 Mon-Tues-Wednesday Bakersfield JC and Cal State Bakersfield
April 1-4 Mon-Thurs Sierra College and Consumnes River
April 8-9 Mon-Tues San Francisco City College
April 15-16 Mon-Tues De Anza College
April 22-25 Mon-Thurs Victor Valley and Antelope Valley
April 29-30 Mon-Tues College of the Sequoias
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