Hi Jaime

Oh, man....did you ever have a root canal?

Unfortunately, I've had like four over time and I should have learned my lesson...

I could feel it coming on, but with all the craziness was "hoping" it would "just go away"...

So, I waited until it was an emergency and of course had to wait a couple days to be seen.

What a miserable series of days...but I guess isn't that what we're all having anyway...

Family is healthy otherwise so no complaints here I just share because 1) that shit knocked me down hard for several days and I haven't been able to keep up and 2) shit is always out there to knock you down and this COVID-19 crisis is no different.

This kind of spins back to last week's interview about "Who Moved My Cheese" -- if you didn't get a chance to catch that, it's a great in-depth episode.

Here's the link:

I've also included some nice links from other folks putting out great info for restaurant operators...

The State of the Restaurant Industry Amid COVID-19

COVID-19 Restaurant Survival Guide

How to Take Care of Your Staff During a Health Crisis

Stay tuned and stay well...
- Jaime