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Saying "Good-bye" this month, to our absolutely amazing, wonderful, fabulous teacher, Big Kids' Club Coordinator, and teammate Johanna Peters has got us thinking about lots of things. 

For one, she's been the creator and coordinator of what has become a popular program for preschoolers. We've been reflecting on all she's accomplished in her time with us, and how we can celebrate everything she's done.
Obviously, we'll have to replace her (though her impact and importance are of course irreplaceable), and that has meant job ads, resume reviewing, interviewing, and more! Talia and Jayme have been busy, and after seeing lots of applications, we think we're on the right track. We'll keep you posted.
With all the staff shuffling, and rearranging, we've also taken a look at our whole business and model. We came up with a lot of questions, and could sure use your feedback. There's a survey link below, and if you fill it in before the end of the month, you could win a fun prize!  

We have questions. Do you have answers?
Let us know!

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Johanna's Last Day - Mar. 21
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Johanna's Last Day - Mar. 21, 2014


Our brilliantly-creative, endlessly-connected Preschool Program Coordinator and Daycare Educator Johanna Peters is stepping back from her dual role at our daycare at the end of this week. She's jetting off for some exotic holidays before opening herself to new opportunities and experiences.

Johanna joined Buddings as an intern in 2012 and over the 18 months with us, she's become the coordinating master-mind behind our awesome program for 3 - 5 year olds - The Big Kids Club - and developed into a wonderfully-caring educator. Her latest, and last, post on the Big Kids' adventure - Marching through March - is ready for review!

The Big Kids Club is going on a special "good-bye" field trip on Wednesday Mar. 19, and we're throwing her a big surprise party on Friday. She doesn't know, so please don't mention it, but if you can make it over to Buddings between 3 and 5pm on Mar. 21, please stop in!

If you can't make it on Friday, no worries. She's in the house for the whole week, from 9am - 4 or 5pm everyday. Make sure you find a moment to thank her for the passion, love, and never-ending patience she's been showering over all the kids, especially yours.  
She's a big softie. If you and your child made her a card, she would love it so much!
Win May Hours for your Feedback - Due Mar. 31


Buddings has been in operation for just over two years, and in that time, we have been tweaking our model, and developing our services. A lot of the kinks are worked out, and we want to know what you think about how it all works. Even if you don't attend our centre, we'd love to hear your thoughts on childcare options, and most importantly, your feedback will help us improve. 
We have a lot of questions, and if you can answer them all before the end of the month, you could win one of two prizes. 
Want up to 40 hours of childcare for May (value $660)? Could you use a $100 Chapters/Indigo Books gift card? If you complete the survey, and your name gets drawn, it's your choice! 

Early birds can even double their chances! Fill in the survey before the Early Booking Deadline on Mar. 24, and get two entries for the big prize. 
Hiring Bonanza 2014
There's only one Johanna leaving us, but to replace her, and increase our centre's capacity, we're looking for three people to join our team! 
Our Job Opportunities Page has never had so many openings, with flexible start dates and shifts, paid holidays and medical benefits, and training and advancement opportunities for the right candidates. 
We're looking for a coordinator for the Big Kids Club, two Daycare Educators, and we also have upcoming shifts for available for some stellar substitutes, while we get our permanent staffing sorted out. 
We're really going to miss Johanna, and we know how important it is to find just the right person to replace her. We've been looking, and if you know any licensed ECEs who might be interested in the positions, please forward them this link.

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