It has been a long haul since STRIDE purchased a two-story 5500 sq. ft. warehouse/garage when we got Town approval in April 2017 to construct a community center with adaptive fitness center and training rooms. A volunteer team of construction managers, architect, engineers, HVAC, and electrician began to conceive and execute the plans for what the building would look like in its completion state today. We were accepted for a NYS grant, but turned it down knowing we could get most of our labor and materials donated. We started with a budget of over $400,000 and cut it back to spend just under $100,000 all inclusive! We are finally there! Building and grounds have been completely transformed to a wonderful facility to become part of a larger community to further our mission, which includes more programs and collaboration with like-minded organizations.
Join us for the Grand Opening celebration on Veteran's Day, sponsored by Market 32/Price Chopper and Whole Foods. You must RSVP to attend! Parking is limited and we will use shuttles from Walgreen at corner of Rt 150 / 43.