The Hochrain Vineyard in the Wachau, Austria. Just one of Veyder Malberg's amazing terraced vineyards. To learn more click the link at the end of this newsletter.
Happy Friday!
It's beginning to feel like Spring around here, warmer temperatures and longer daylight hour. So In honor of our emergence from winter I am focusing this week's email on . . . white wines! Sorry red wine lovers, I have to do it because two favorite producers are out with new vintages. And I have info on some very special, but expensive  Austrian wines for those of you interested. 

But there are lots of new reds in the store, so I encourage you to stop by and get a tour, especially if you have not been around the last few weeks.


Big Salt Returns!

First things first. I am happy to announce the third vintage of Big Salt has arrived. In case you do not know about it here is a brief synopsis.

In 2017 John House an Oregon winemaker who, at the time was known for making beautiful dry Rieslings, came out with a blended white wine sourced from southern Oregon, and at a lower price point that his acclaimed Rieslings.
We liked it a lot, enough to introduce it at our Friday Tasting Bar. But we were not prepared for the crazy response from you, the customers. People flipped out, it sold like crazy, and because we were one of the few people working with it, we had it from June through December. In 2018 we sold a similar amount but only had it March through August. We saw others discover it, even in national publications, and we saw the writing on the wall. 

We knew 2019 would be different, and it is.
This year the wine is allocated, and while we have a nice allocation it is nearly half of what we sold the past two years. I expect it to last maybe until early June. You are warned.
And lest you think Big Salt is some manufactured concoction (it isn't), here are the stats"
  • 45% Riesling - 45% Gewurz - 8% Early Muscat - 2% others...
  • Vineyards - 1976, 1983, 2000.
  • Harvest - September 24th - October 19th
  • Native fermentation (co-fermented) in stainless steel.
  • 12.9% ABV.
  • 3.2pH
  • SO2 - 24ppm
  • Unfined and Filtered (we have to filter Big Salt because it doesn't naturally go through ML)
We have several cases in the shop with more being held for us. You can buy a bottle to taste now or you can order online and pick it up next week. The flavor profile is very similar to the first two vintages; bright spicy fruit, a bit of a saline character and maybe a bit less acidity than last year. Still, it is once again a party on your palate!

2018 Big Salt $17.99     Soul Wine Price  $15.29

Friday Tasting Bar
Domaine Cheveau White Burgundies.
3-6 p.m. 
$5 Tasting Fee 
(waived for club members)

Domaine Cheveau stands as one of our best-selling producers of quality Burgundian Chardonnay. From their $25 Macon to their $42 Pouilly Fuisse, their wines represent real value in quality white Burgundy. T he only issue that we run into with Cheveau's wines is that, because their production is quite small, the wines disappear very quickly.
2017's From Domaine Cheveau
Macon -Davaye $24.99     Soul Wine Price $21.25
This is a great introduction to Cheveau's wines, but you will need to act fast because it disappears quickly. Grapes come from a 1-hectare parcel in Davayé, right on the border with Pouilly.  Fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks and left to age on the fine lees for 8 months. Planted in 2011, the vines are quite young, which is evident by this wine's lively and relaxed personality.  Still, there is a profound mineral streak in this wine that should only grow more profound as these vines age over the next decades. Around 100 cases come to the U.S.

Saint Veran $29.99     Soul Wine Price $25.49
This wine is sourced from vineyards in the village of Davayé, part of the Saint Veran appellation. A very limited production wine (approximately 100 cases are available annually for the US market) that is fermented and then aged in stainless steel for eight or so months before being bottled. A fine, dry, restrained wine of finesse with excellent length and clear expression of terroir .

Pouilly Fuisse Vielles Vignes $41.99     Soul Wine Price $35.69
Sourced from two vineyards in the hamlet of Pouilly: "Chailloux" and "Vers Cras", the vines for this cuvée are fifty to seventy years old. A powerful wine of great depth and length, this old vines offering is barrel-fermented and barrel-aged with about 25% of the oak being new. About 1200 bottles of this elite cuvee of Fuissé from the Cheveau family are distributed in the USA.

To order Big Salt or the Cheveau wines please click the link below.

Every once in a while we taste a wine, or wines that rally rock our world. Such are the wines of Austria's Veyder Malberg

Earlier in the week I cent some of you a lengthy email about their wines. There are  only tiny quantities available and they are expensive. But they are not overpriced. Rather than duplicate the rather lengthy email I sent out I have included a link to it for those of you interested in some of the very best white wines I have tasted in a long time.

If you are interested in ordering please email or call.

That's it for this week. If you like the Market quiet and uncrowded, come visit us Monday through Thursday. If you don't mind crowds (though they are not yet Summer crowds), visit us Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

No matter what the day we would love to see you.

Michael, Jason. Donna, Meghan and Elly