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Did you read about our exciting news last month? No need to wait for the back-logged Tesla Powerwall batteries. We're installing Enphase home energy storage and they are available NOW! And this just in—we're installing Panasonic energy storage too! This is exciting news since so many items seem to be back-ordered these days. Read below for the deal we're offering too!

If you need us cats we'll be basking in the fall sunshine. Our humans are ready and eager to help you though. How can we (they) help you get closer to energy independence? Read on and give us a call!

Love Bella, Caspian and Shasta
Save $500 on the Solar and Battery bundle!
We are so thrilled that we are able to offer a home energy storage system that we endorse AND that is readily in stock, that we want to encourage your installation by offering you a special deal!

Bundle solar with the Enphase or Panasonic Battery storage system and you'll receive $500 off!
Get your estimate by 10/15 to take advantage of this deal!!
Want to see how this cool system works?
Check it out the video here.
What is a Virtual Power Plant and Why Do I Want to Be a Part of One?
If you've already got Tesla Powerwall batteries installed, this is big news for you. On the fence about getting them? This might make your decision.
Always innovating, Tesla is making a call to action to help keep the lights on for both you and your community. Read the article on our website.
Two Truths and Lie
Play along! Here are two truths and a lie...which one is false?
1. The first electric vehicle was created in 1932.
2. Only about 5% of EV owners have ever ran out of charge.
3. It costs about half as much to drive an electric vehicle as it does one powered on gasoline.
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In Our Community
We'll Sponsor This Adoption!

Our rescue cats are an important part of our family and we wish to bless others with the same joy through an adoption sponsorship program at FieldHaven Feline Center.

Rocket has a new beautiful, shiny coat coming in and her eyes are striking against her black coat. Nothing seems to upset her. She walks confidently and is now ready to live life. She looks fondly out the windows longing to venture back outside. If Rocket sounds like a great fit, don’t wait to go check her out!

Please contact FieldHaven Feline Center to learn how to adopt this adorable feline.
2754 Ironwood Ln, Lincoln, CA (916) 434-6022
See a CYT Fall Show!
Christian Youth Theater is our favorite charity and we encourage you to go see a fall musical. These shows are the highest quality and so entertaining! The Folsom location is producing The Little Mermaid Jr. October 15-23 and Newsies will be performed in Roseville November 5-13.

Reserve your tickets here:

Want to get your child involved in CYT? Winter classes and show auditions will open in October — keep an eye out at
How Can We Serve You?

If tripping breakers are a common occurrence, your electrical panel could be damaged. Outdated or overwhelmed electrical panels are a main cause of electrical fires. Your panel may also need to be upgraded in order to install an EV charger. But no worries, we can help.

Start each day with a full charge. Investing in an EV charger will save you time and give you a tax credit this year! Thinking of adding a second EV to your home? Let's talk about electric load and needing a second charger.

Our customers are the most important thing about our business and we strive to prove that with every interaction. Have you read our online reviews? If you've experienced our excellent service, would you write a review?
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