South Miami City News & Updates
April 22, 2020 | Issue 4
Now Serving Donuts & Big Thanks for Healthcare Workers
Let's start our report this week by visiting the Florida Department of Health Data Dashboard for details on the local spread of COVID-19 in your ZIP code area.

 With Miami-Dade County nearing its peak point with Covid-19 cases, the City of South Miami figured it was high time to let local front-line hospital workers know how much they are appreciated for serving our community.

In the pre-dawn light, the City of South Miami’s first responders came out in force April 16 to say thanks to South Miami Hospital healthcare workers who are doing brave and tireless work every day in the name of duty.

Officers with the Police Department lined up at the hospital’s employee entrance to cheer the staffers who were either starting or ending another day on the front lines.

They were joined by South Miami Mayor Sally Philips and members of the City Commission, as well as officials from the City Manager’s office who hosted the event.

Soldiers in the Fight
Healthcare workers have emerged as the soldiers in the ongoing fight against the coronavirus, so even a small salute — like handing out donuts — is hugely meaningful at this time.

Every nurse, doctor and technician needs our support for rising up to the challenge of treating COVID-19 patients with courage.

This fight is particularly hard for hospital workers, because not only are they putting themselves in harm’s way while fighting for their patients, they also have to worry about keeping their own families safe — when they go home. That means remaining constantly vigilant to all safety precautions on the job.

Humbled & Honored
As one hospital employee put it, “We’re really very humbled to feel that we’re supported by the police and the community… and we’re honored that they’re here.”

Located in the heart of South Miami at 6200 SW 73rd St., South Miami Hospital is one of 11 local hospitals that are part of Baptist Health South Florida.