We are currently in first place, but the other 5 charities are closing in fast! We need you to help us bring home the win for kids!  And all gifts up to $15,000 will be matched thanks to the Barb Anderson and Dave Chandler Dancing With Our Stars Challenge Match ! Win Win! 

We have been very fortunate to be included in this year’s Dancing With Our Stars. This is an event that the Women’s Fund of the Central Minnesota Community Foundation puts on every year. It is a dance/fundraising competition between six local celebrities who have been paired with a professional dance partner to face off for the chance to win up to $15,000 for the non-profit of their choice that supports women and girls. We are honored to have Chris Owen from Deerwood Bank dancing for us. Recently Chris shared his story with us and why he chose to support Big Brothers Big Sisters … 

“I lost my father when I was 17 to a heart attack. This was a time where I was just figuring out what life can throw at a person, and the person I would go to with those answers was no longer there to provide guidance for me. Thankfully I had a strong family to rely on during this time. Looking back, having a mentor for tough situations like this would have been just what I needed.”

Chris knows that mentoring works. As an adult he has sought out mentors who have helped him tremendously in his career. Kids are waiting for us to step up for them and find and match mentors. This past year we have cut the waiting list down from 179 to 109 and we’re not stopping until we have a waiting list of Bigs! Here’s where we need your help!

Chris will be judged on 60% fundraising and 40% dancing with his partner, Rachel Trout. Chris has been working hard at practice and Rachel is confident that they will do very well. Please consider making a gift that’s meaningful to you so we can enter the competition on June 17 in the lead for kids.   The first place winner takes home an additional $15,000 for their charity!

Please vote with your dollars online by clicking here and choosing Big Brothers Big Sisters.  You can also text DWOS to 85511 to make your gift! Also, if you have a fund at the Community Foundation, you can just call them at 877-253-4380 and they’ll make the gift directly from your fund.

We need your help to bring home the win for kids! Thank you for standing with kids!