November 2019

Big change, big opportunity
To many, the news that Interlogix was discontinuing its product line came as a surprise. Many dealers have built their business around this product line and were disappointed by the sudden news. However, WHIRC is prepared for exactly this kind of situation. Our long-standing relationships with many different manufacturers allow us to help dealers get connected to continue with sales, service, installation and monitoring as they transition away from Interlogix.
WHIRC has already helped dealers move product lines and start implementing new offerings. Depending on your focus, there is a solution that WHIRC can help you migrate to and we will continue to support the Interlogix platform moving forward. We provide training resources, pricing information, distribution contacts and networking opportunities with the different manufacturers. And, most of all, we provide continued monitoring and support service as dealers move forward.

WHIRC is also moving ahead with its 3G conversion plans. As a partner, we are working with our distributors and manufacturers to bring you options and cost-effective solutions to upgrade this outgoing technology. Our focus is on the future. We have overcome technology challenges in the past and expect more in the future as technology continues to evolve at a faster and faster rate.

These are exciting times and with change comes additional opportunities. As security and technology providers, we need to be flexible and proactive. WHIRC is committed to helping you through this transition with timely product, service and monitoring support. Let us know how we can help you!
Quote of the Month
In the next ten years,  the business 
will change more than it did in the previous fifty .
-Bill Gates
Interlogix to shut down
Featured Article: Interlogix to shut down by end of year
UTC's Interlogix division, makers of a variety of residential and commercial security product lines, has notified its employees and dealers that it has begun the process of "winding down" business in the United States and Canada, and will no longer manufacture new products by the end of 2019. 

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