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Nov. 5, 2015 

Remember, remember, the 5th of November... That means there are just 350 sleeps until the next Halloween! We can't wait! :)

Our party on the weekend was an arm-waving good time, and our photo recap is on the blog. Plus, for all the families who attended, and sat in our haunted photo booth, we'll be sending the special souvenir pictures to you this week. So fun!

We love photos so much, our Saturday-care Program is taking focus on photography for the rest of the year! Our program coordinator Lara Blacklock brings her school training at UBC's media arts program to light! On Nov. 14, she'll have her camera and gear to invite kids for a fall photoshoot! Just sign up from 1 - 3pm on Saturday Nov. 14 to participate.

The regular weekly programs are also shaping up. Literally. Sarah's Build Buildings class is following the 3 little pigs to their new homes in Pig World - now on Thursdays, and Denet's Nature Club has created an amazing display of their Autumn activities, featuring our forest pen-pal Polly, who's been writing letters to the Tuesday kids about the changes in her world. Stop in for a visit with her next time you're in. 

This month, we're pleased to announce a brand-new hour for daily scheduling! 8am! Drop little buddies off before heading to school with big siblings, early morning appointments, before the inevitable daily delays, or waking up with fitness classes. No matter what you're up to in the early hours, Buddings is here to take care of the kids! Find the 8am slot on the booking calendar!
See you then! 

Centre News
Saturday-care Presents: Halloween 2015  Party Recap

The party last weekend was a hilarious time, made especially so by our own wacky waving arm inflatable arm man - the second half of the Saturday-care team, Judy Kim!

Lara Blacklock was also in the house, managing our haunting photobooth. For all the families who sat for pictures, they'll be emailed to you directly this week!  The public pics, and the recap, is up on the blog! 

Thank you to everyone who came, especially the costumed family groups! A Green Peace faction, the cast of Frozen, superheros, and a traveling circus! Oh my! 

They all sat for pictures, and the highlights are on the blog. And if you've been thinking about having some high-def, high-res family pictures, Saturday-care is just the ticket! 

Lara is a media arts student at UBC, and her weekends at Buddings are her chance to practice her skills! 

On Nov. 14, she's organizing a fall photoshoot, complete with leaves, sunshine (hopefully), and your child's beautiful smile! Watch this space for more information!
Start Sorting: Our Kids' Toy & Clothing Swap Returns - Nov. 22

Just in time for the winter wardrobe change-over: The return of our Kids' Toy & Clothing Swap. 

There's lots of time, but it's time to take a look through those old-ish clothes, and start thinking about what you might be able to pass along. 

Our Swaps have been running successfully since 2012, and while we've fallen into a rhythm, if this your first one, you might have questions. 

This autumn's event is happening on Sunday, Nov. 22, from 11am - 1pm. Clothes, toys, and children's accessories dropped off by 6pm Friday Nov. 20, get FREE entry and up to 10 items FREE! 

It's a first-come-first-swapped basis, so if you've been thinking about saving some money on winter gear, be sure to be early! 
The Pigs are on the Move! - Build Buildings Moves to Thursdays!

The fall season rolls into the third months, and all the Big Kids Club classes are evolving and developing beautifully. 

Sarah's Build Buildings class has been following up with the three homeless pigs, who's homes were destroyed by a not-so big, bad wolf with an irritated allergy!

They started by building new houses, and soon, they'd built a whole city! 

The World of the 3 Little Pigs is evolving and, following the spirit of the Reggio Emilia, Sarah's been letting the children lead the way! Find her post, about how Buddings incorporates this philosophy, on the blog!

And if your buddy wants to join them in person, starting this month, her class is moving to a new day! Find Sarah, the pigs, and all the adventure, in their new homes, on Thursdays!
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