We are excited to announce a new location and new distance for the 2021 edition of the TMC Get Moving Tucson event.

The 2021 TMC Get Moving Tucson will be held on the grounds of the world-famous BIOSPHERE 2, nestled amongst the western foothills of the Catalina Mountains.

The race will include the Cox Family Mile, the Tucson Lifestyle 5k walk/run and the TMC 15k. The 9.3 mile event will replace the traditional TMC Get Moving Tucson half marathon distance. You can see details about the world-famous Biosphere 2 here: https://biosphere2.org/

All participants will receive free entry into the Biosphere 2, with 5k and 15k participants receiving a long-sleeve t-shirt and the souvenir coaster medallion pictured below. We'll have a range of post-race activities, but the details will depend on the status of regional public health.

Now: if you do NOT want to do the 15k because you had planned a half-marathon or just really want to run up and down A-Mountain and no where else, you have two options:

1) We'll give you a refund: the deadline for requesting a refund is August 31st at midnight. We will not process refunds after August 31st so please let us know this week if you want a refund.


2) We'll transfer you to the November 6th Grand Canyon Trail Half Marathon. If you're excited about doing a half marathon and would like to join us on the forested trails at the South Rim's Kaibab Plateau, let us know by August 31st and we'll transfer you to the Trail Half Marathon. You can see details on the Grand Canyon Trail Half here.

REMEMBER: if you want a refund or want to be transferred, the deadline is August 31st midnight Arizona time.

Email Randy at [email protected] if you want a refund or to be transferred -- otherwise, we'll see you at the Biosphere 2!

Thanks all!

Randy and Tia Accetta plus the crew at Run Tucson

Both 5k and 15 see this view . . .
Part of the course will be on hidden roads on the Biosphere 2 property
Planned Biosphere 2 15k course
Planned Biosphere 2 5k course
Biosphere 2 Coaster Medallion
Why Not Downtown?
While we've been committed to supporting Downtown, these 3 photos tell the tale of why we're moving this year...
We can't run on our route on Sixth Street.
We can't run on our route on Church Street.
There's a lot going on Downtown, so roads are closed and we can't get permission for a Downtown event in October.
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