South Miami City News & Updates
Aug 6, 2020 | Issue 16
Bike lanes geared to enhance city mobility
Imagine a city where bicycling is a viable travel choice for residents, workers, and visitors to get around town – and get fit in the process… A city where bicycling as a low-cost mobility alternative is encouraged and supported by City leaders.

Additional bike lanes in South Miami offer a pathway to all of these benefits. And the Mayor and City Commission know it, as they passed a resolution Aug. 4 that will help meet the growing demand for a more balanced transportation system that gives bicyclists a greater share of the road.

With design and construction plans in place, the City is now set to install bicycle lanes with separation along SW 64 Street between SW 62 Ave. and SW 57 Ave.

Funding Source
To move forward with the project, the City received funding participation from the Miami-Dade County Community Development block grant (CDBG) in the amount of $354,916 of which $60,000 is earmarked for design, and a total of $294,916 is dedicated to the construction cost phase.

Bicycling adds to the overall quality of life in South Miami, not only because it is a healthy and active form of travel, but also because it’s also good for the environment.

Shifts from motorized travel modes to bicycling can reduce traffic congestion, vehicle exhaust emissions, noise, and energy consumption. A good bicycling environment can also mean good economic sense for businesses in South Miami by providing enjoyable and safe bicycle access to restaurants and stores.

Safer for All
Bicycling has been growing in popularity as many communities work to create more balanced transportation systems by giving bicyclists a greater share of the roadway – whereby providing for a safer riding environment.

In fact, studies show that about 60 percent of people are interested in traveling by bikes, but are concerned about riding next to moving traffic. The creation of designated bike lanes will open up bicycling to a wider audience of all ages and abilities who wish to use this alternative means of travel to get to work and school, to transit stops, and go on short errands.

Bike lanes are defined by pavement striping and signage used to allocate a portion of a roadway for exclusive or preferential bicycle travel on either side of a roadway. The city identified this particular roadway segment based on anticipated use.

With vast experience in constructing bike lanes throughout South Florida, North Miami-based Unitec Inc., was selected through a competitive bidding process to install the lanes.
Rains of Isaias serve as 'dry-run' for emergency preparedness

The City Manager’s Office reports that South Miami faired well in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Isaias. Even as last weekend’s storm loomed offshore, it was clear we were to be spared a direct hit. Not so much the case further north, regrettably…

But here locally, in scouting city neighborhoods during and immediately following the storm, Police Officers and Public Works staff were pleased to report no signs of flooding, traffic-light outages, or debris in the streets.

It appears the biggest impact of Isaias was its role as an emergency-response “dry run.” For residents, it also served as a reminder of the seriousness of hurricanes – and the importance of storm preparedness.

The peak of hurricane season is between August and October. So please take time now to ensure you’re fully prepared. The best place to start is the Miami-Dade County Official Hurricane Preparedness Guide.