What are you doing June 9 2019? Riding in Bike-a-thon, of course!
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We're just days away from the August 31 fundraising deadline that will end the 2018 ride. There's still time to Instagram that photo of you on the boardwalk post-ride and collect a few more dollars to close out the year.

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Thank you for tirelessly supporting the Bike-a-thon and helping the American Cancer Society create a world with more birthdays and less cancer.
  • NOW: Save the Date for 2019: June 9!

  • August: Summer Sun Safety Month, World Lung Cancer Day (August 1), National Health Center Week (August 12−18)

  • August 31: Last day to submit fundraising for 2018

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It’s hard to believe that more than two months have passed since the 46th Bike-a-thon. I am pleased to report that it was an overwhelming success! It also means that we are less than 10 months away from the 47th ride on June 9, 2019.

Don't forget that our fundraising continues until midnight on August 31. That means there is still time to raise additional funds in the fight against cancer. We are fast approaching the $1.4 million mark, and we anticipate surpassing this number. Individuals and teams are hosting last-minute fundraising events to help reach and beat their goals. The Bike-a-thon committee is doing just that at Winnie's of Manayunk - see the details below and join us.

Our committee had its wrap-up meeting and reviewed the responses to our ride survey. We had more than 20% of participants respond to our questions. This high response percentage is a tribute to you and shows your genuine interest in our ride and your comfort in informing us of your thoughts about the event so that we can better serve you. Your responses and comments assist us in assessing our event to understand what worked and what needs improvement. It lays the foundation for the task at hand for the 2019 committee.

As part of the survey, we had a record number of individuals expressing an interest in getting more involved with our event and becoming a member of the committee. We're going to host informational sessions for these individuals and are looking forward to having a number of them join our committee and contributing to the planning for 2019. Watch for periodic updates as the plan gets underway. We will be introducing some fun, creative and unique ways of getting together while raising funds for the upcoming year. Enjoy the rest of summer and safe riding.
Hope Lodge: A Haven of Hope and Support
Looking for ways to get involved with the American Cancer Society? Do you like to cook? Want to lend a helping hand to those undergoing cancer treatment? Accomplish all three at the same time: volunteer to serve dinner to the residents at the Philadelphia Hope Lodge in Cheltenham . Contact us and we'll help you coordinate with your group and reserve an evening at the Lodge.
The Philadelphia Centurions MC , the motorcyclists who you see on our ride serving as SAG support, recently planned a BBQ-theme dinner for the Hope Lodge residents. This extraordinary and unique group of motorcyclists are in their element providing support and assistance to our community while providing a scrumptious meal.
Fundraising Night Out
Spread the word to your teammates, friends, and family to join the festivities and close out the Bike-a-thon fundraising year at Winnie’s of Manayunk. Tuesday, August 28 starting at 6 p.m., guest personalities bring some extra fun to the evening as they step behind the bar to serve drinks to thirsty patrons. All tips and liquor sales from tickets sold will be going to Bike-a-thon on these last few days of the 2018 Bike season. Winnies of Manayunk , 4266 Main Street, Manayunk, PA 19127.
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For details on how our fundraising makes a difference, visit How Donations Save Lives.


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