What are you doing June 9. 2019? Riding in Bike-a-thon, of course!
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50 teams and 300 participants are already signed up for Bike-a-thon 2019. If you haven't yet, there's still time to get started for just $40. Don't forget to check out our Facebook , Twitter and Instagram pages to follow along on the journey to the beach!

Thank you for tirelessly supporting the Bike-a-thon and helping the American Cancer Society create a world with more birthdays and less cancer.
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The fall has been a busy time for the Bike committee. We kicked off the 2019 campaign by laying out plans for the next few months in preparation for the ride. We interacted with other biking enthusiasts at the Philadelphia Bike Expo at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Many riders stopped by to say hello and to gather information about the 2019 Bike-a-thon.

November started by meeting with the Atlantic City administration to shore up our date and endpoint logistics. Next was the annual awards dinner, recognizing our volunteers, donors, sponsors, and top fundraisers. The first snowstorm of the season did not dampen our night nor deter our attendees who helped recognize and honor the 2018 winners:
  • Rookie Team: Team Mafe
  • Rookie Rider: Paula Calise
  • Melvin Boone Spirit of Bike-a-thon Award: Roy Kardon
  • Brett Levy Volunteer Award: Hugh McCormack
  • Milton Braverman Youth Award: Dylan Beegal, Aby and Emanuela Respes
  • Randy Weinstock Cup: Bob Braverman
  • Top Fundraising Team: Team Medi-Dose
Congratulations to our award winners whose dedication contributed so greatly to the ride's success.
The Weinstock Cup*
From Bob Braverman, Team Medi-Dose Captain

I know it’s late and I’ll keep my remarks brief.  I remember when I was in 5th grade there was a little sign, with a poem, above the transom window of one of the classrooms… it wasn’t even my classroom. For some reason, the poem has stuck with me all these years. Maybe some of you know it. “Good, Better, Best…Never Let It Rest… Until the Good is Better… Until the Better’s Best.” It may be a little corny but I try to live my life by it. 

This award is good and I’m really proud to accept this cup, on behalf of Team Medi-Dose. I definitely felt I had to step up my fundraising efforts this past year, for a variety of reasons. But I know I can do better. And our team did a really good job this year raising money. But I know we can do better. And, as a ride, I thought we did a really good job keeping our numbers up. But I’m positive we can do better.

You may have heard me say, over the years, that nothing would please me more than to raise more money and be further down the fundraising list. That means we’re all doing better than we have. But, on behalf of Team Medi-Dose, we’re not giving up this cup without a fight. We’re going to do better…and I challenge all of you to do better too.

*The Weinstock Cup is a traveling trophy awarded to the Bike-a-thon team with the most fundraising dollars earned for the event year. The Cup, as it has become know, is named in memory of Randy Weinstock, an energetic team captain, committee chair, fundraiser and furvent supporter of Bike-a-thon. Randy passed away in 2013.
Where's Waldo?
While watching the 6ABC Thanksgiving day parade, you may be asking “Where is ACS?" The answer is easy, just look for Waldo! That’s right, the American Cancer Society Bike-a-thon served as balloon handlers, keeping Waldo grounded and easy to find. Our volunteers helped kick off the 2018 parade and holiday season while you all enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.
A Sweet Sorrow and Goodbye!
Bike-a-thon has had the good fortune of having two dedicated talented staff members, Monica O’Brien Johnson and Lisa Calemmo.

These women have poured their hearts and soul into Bike-a-thon, contributing greatly to two big changes: the transition from Buena to Atlantic City and from July to June. With them leading the way, we didn't skip a beat and continually enhanced the event. It's time for us to say goodbye as they both are pursuing a higher calling, as loving and dedicated moms! With their husbands Pat and Ken respectively, they'll be focusing on their newborn children, Jack and soon-to-be-named sibling, and Henry respectively. We were fortunate to work with them and look forward to seeing their families grow. We also know, while no longer a part of the ACS staff, both will still be a part of Bike-a-thon and we wait anxiously for the little ones to begin to ride. Hugs and kisses from your Bike fam ily!

A Hearty Welcome
With the departure of Monica and Lisa, we welcome Maureen Hiller and Shawn Triggs to the ACS staff and Bike-a-thon. We are fortunate to have two individuals who have experience with nonprofit organizations and are enthusiastic, energetic and excited to be a part of our event. Both have already immersed themselves in Bike activities and already hit the ground running! We know their involvement will help to perpetuate the success of our ride.
Philly Bike Expo
The American Cancer Society's Bike-a-thon committee maintained a highly visible presence at the Philly Bike Expo. What a terrific way for committee members to meet so many people interested in the many aspects of cycling covered by the Expo.

Expo attendees included riders, mechanics, vendors, bicycle clubs, ride organizers, admirers of bicycle design, and people for whom cycling is a social cause. Of course, committee members wanted to meet all of them; and they met many nice, enthusiastic people.

The committee's work touches all of their interests, and the committee received a wide range of feedback. Most people who stopped by wanted to share their happy experiences with Bike including the route, support, and ride day management. The steady traffic at the Bike booth illustrated a high level of Bike awareness in the cycling community. 

Still, some, particularly those from out of town, knew little about Bike. Committee members were delighted to describe the wonderful features of the ride, helping to promote BAT to these potential riders. And some people stopped at the booth just to say how much they appreciated ACS' fine work, and occasionally dropping a few dollars into the donation jar. Their kind words, often accompanied by reflections on how cancer impacted them reinforced committee members' commitment to ACS’ mission. The Expo was a reminder that in any group of people, there is always a portion whose lives are profoundly affected by cancer.
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