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  "Where's the Beer/Wine Garden?"

Was a common phrase heard during BikeMaine 2017. Now that the event is over you're on your own to find beer and wine. Our wine sponsor Cono Sur and beer sponsor Maine Beer Company both have easy-to-use web tools to track down your next Maine Beer or Cono Sur Wine.

Con Sur locator
Share the Love: Write a Review

If you stopped in at a business along the route that you enjoyed, help spread the love!

TripAdvisor, AirBnB, and other online platforms help businesses improve and grow through customer reviews. Please take a minute to help BikeMaine continue to have a positive impact on the places we visit by reviewing those small businesses you visited along the ride.
Last Call for a Jersey

The absolute deadline for ordering a BikeMaine 2017 jersey is Friday, September 29th. After that we will be working with our friends at Atayne to get your beautiful jersey to you via mail by November 7th! 
Lost it? Maybe we found it!

If you lost something during the ride, email us
 by Friday, September 29th to see if we have it in the Lost & Found bin.
Bike boldly with some coffee!

We enjoyed Bold Coast Coffee throughout the 2017 ride! Want to get some to enjoy at home? Order here. $.50 from every pound goes to benefit the Bicycle Coalition of Maine and our programs.
Join us and get invloved!

The Bicycle Coalition of Maine, the organization that brings BikeMaine to you, is a statewide, membership-driven advocacy group that works year-round to make Maine better for biking and walking. 

With the support of our contributing members, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine staff, board, and volunteers work tirelessly to expand bike culture in our state, to educate our residents and visitors about how to share the road, and to make our roads safer and more accessible for bicycling. It's also these persistent efforts that contribute to a great BikeMaine event each September and a remarkable tour for you. We hope you'll  join the Coalition as a member and lend your support to our efforts to improve biking in Maine!

Many of you asked about how you could work to make your towns more bike-friendly. If you live in Maine, please consider joining our  Community Spokes Program. We'll train you how to be an advocate for better biking and walking and provide technical support and access to our state-wide network every step of the way. Our next training is on  November 9th  in Farmington and you can sign up  here .  If you live outside of Maine, we have lots of resources  here . Finally, if time is tight, the simplest and quickest thing you can do is to simply meet with your elected and municipal officials and tell them you want your town to have streets that are safe for biking for all residents, no matter what their age, ability or fitness level is!
Dear BikeMaine 2017 Riders,

The final truck is unpacked, the tents are dried and put away. Thank you for joining us for our fifth annual BikeMaine as we explored the Pathway to the Peaks. There are so many people to thank, but we want to take time to thank you for joining us on this year's BikeMaine. 

We hope that you discovered or rediscovered another special part of the state of Maine, and and that you will fondly remember this year's trip. We know that we're not perfect so it would mean a lot to us for you to take a moment to complete the rider feedback survey below. The information you provide us is critical to future improvements to the ride.

We hope to see you on a future BikeMaine! I'll leave you with the video recap of BikeMaine 2017  produced by our friends at No Umbrella Media . Enjoy reliving the memories!

Until next time!
Zach Schmesser
BikeMaine Event Director

We always strive to make BikeMaine better year after year. Let us know what you think!
Ready for more?

Join us for BikeMaine 2018:
Acadia in the St. John Valley - La Terre Entre Deux! September 8-15, 2018. The word is out about BikeMaine; each year our ride gets more and more popular. If you' re thinking about joi ning us again, don't wait! Registration for each of the last two rides has sold out early.

2018 Registration Pricing
Now until 10/31 - $900
11/1/2017 - 12/31/2017 - $925
1/1/2018 - 5/31/2018 - $975
After 5/31/2018 - $1025
Rangeley Layover Day

The Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce did such a good job arranging a wide variety of activities and programs, you undoubtedly missed out on something! We hope you'll consider planning a return trip to Rangeley. The Chamber's website has a ton of resources to help you plan your next trip to Rangeley.

Speaking of missing out, local Rangeley artist Dan Johnson created a table saver, centerpieces, and coasters (see picture below) exclusively for our layover in Rangley. Based on an original watercolor painting by Johnson, these items are available on his website. To  order go to the Store, and scroll to bottom of page for BikeMaine custom designs.
Additionally, Rangeley Health and Wellness has a limited number of t-shirts available for sale. These were sold during our visit in Rangley. For over 20 years Rangeley Health and Wellness has helped to facilitate and advocate for health and wellness programs and services in the Rangeley Lakes Region. They support a primary care facility and sponsor programs including physicals and immunizations for children and free flu shot clinics. Programs include after school and summer programming for children such as soccer, swim lessons, and free athletic training for Rangeley students. Purchase of this cool RHW Tee will help to support all that they do!
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