Volume VI | June 2022
President and Founder of BikerDown

Summer is Here!

Mid July always reminds me just how much I love motorcycle riding and that it is time to gear up for Sturgis. Next month will mark the 82nd year of Sturgis Rally and after the monumental anniversary last year, I am looking forward to a more low key rally.

As many of you gear up for Sturgis or the next road trip, it is so important to do a pre-trip safety check on your bikes and make sure your bike is in good working order. Nothing can put a damper on a bike trip faster than maintenance issues that could have been caught before you left. Also part of that pre-check, riders should take a moment to get an insurance review and not finding out after the fact that to coverage you purchased isn't close to covering the injuries or damages that you sustained. Please visit our resource page on our website and ask one of our motorcycle attorney's to do a FREE INSURANCE REVIEW.

BikerDown will be attending the 82nd Sturgis Rally, this will be our 11th year of supporting bikers and helping injured motorcycle riders. Every year, our organization brings some medical equipment and resources to help an injured rider while at Rally. We have created a Facebook link below to give you a resource to post your need for assistance.

Ride SAFE out there and remember If you go DOWN, We STEP UP!

Laurie Montoya
President & Founder
BikerDown Foundation.
TFLbike - LIVE ONLINE Charity Auction of 1970 Honda Trail 70 (CT70) Starts TONIGHT
Want to help BikerDown Foundation and own a fully preserved 1970 Honda Trail 70 (CT70).

This bike goes up for auction today at 4pm (mst) thru August 4th.

Special thank you to TFLbike and to Rider Justice for this generous donation.

Gifts like this are RARE in this industry and on behalf of BikerDown.org, and the FUTURE riders this will help, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

You get more information by following these links

To learn about the restoration click here
TO BID on this bike click here - (you must be signed up to bid on this bike)
Are YOU Heading to Sturgis? Check In With BikerDown

For 11 years, BikerDown has been attending Sturgis Rally to BE THERE in the event a rider goes down or needs support/assistance in some way. We have helped with medical equipment and other resources for riders who are injured.

This year with our growth nationwide, we have created a central location for our riders to check-in on Facebook thru our Sturgis Rider Check-in and we ask you to consider RSVP'ing this event, so that if you need us, we can reach you faster.

There are also other ways to reach BikerDown such as:
  1. Office Line - 720-328-9795 or my personal cell 303-641-7937;
  2. Stop by our booth on main street, we will be located across from the Sturgis Hall of Fame.
  3. Email us - Laurie@bikerdown.org
  4. Do a HELP REQUEST on our website by clicking here
Sturgis Quilt Goes to The Legends Ride At Buffalo Chip To Raise Funds for BikerDown and Black Hills Special Olympics

The Legends Ride sponsored by the Buffalo Chip is a time-honored tradition every year at Rally for riders to enjoy a day of un-interrupted riding thru the Black Hills of South Dakota and ride for an amazing charity.

This year, BikerDown has the privilege of being a part of the live auction at The Chip after-party with our donation of a one-of-a-kind Sturgis Quilt created by President and Founder, Laurie Montoya. This quilt has Rally t-shirts all the way back to 1976 when Rally first started and while t-shirts quilt are nothing new to motorcycle riders, this quilt would be difficult for anyone to recreate.

So come ride the ride on Monday, August 8th starting in Deadwood and ending at the Infamous Buffalo Chip. Entertainment for Monday night. Click here to register for the ride and after-party.
The MOST IMPORTANT Addition You Should ADD On Your Bike - A BikerDown Tactical Trauma Kit

BikerDown was inspired after a fun day of riding in the mountains went south when one of our riders went down on a curve. 12 bikes and not 1 of us had a trauma kit on our bike to render aid and it took over 50 minutes for EMT's to arrive on the scene. She lied there for an extended period of time with none of us really knowing what to do.

That incident inspired BikerDown and we have been hosting the Road Guardians and the Accident Scene Management class for over 11 years. Since our inception over 1 thousand riders nationwide have been trained in the ASM Basic 100 class and have the skills to render proper first-aid in the event a rider goes down.

To purchase a tactical trauma kit, visit our store by click here.
If you are interested in attending an ASM class in your area - click here
Consider JOINING BikerDown's Membership
Motorcycle accidents are at epidemic levels with accidents up in some states 35% from 2020 with still a lot of riding left in 2021. Riders are finding out too late just how underinsured they are on their bikes. They are also learning just how under or UN-INSURED the drivers are who are hitting them. Riders need memberships and services that can truly help them in their time of need the most ... their recovery.

Our BikerDown Roadside Plus membership for $35.00 per month offers motorcycle riders real value, but over the years, riders just couldn't wrap their arms around giving BikerDown $35 per month. Well, the truth is that you aren't giving BD 35.00 We are going to break down what you get with this membership and what it actually costs us to pay for those services.

  • Aflac Accident Essentials Policy - BD Cost $27.69 This is an accident policy that is inclusive in our membership and provides riders cash benefits, paid directly to YOU based on the services you receive at the hospital. Here are some examples of what you will get.
1200 admittance into the hospital for overnight stay
300-400 per day in ICU
150-200 per day in a regular hospital room
100-150 per day in a rehab facility

  • Aflac Accident Death Benefit - Included in the above policy - 35k accident benefit paid to the family members that you designate. In some states that benefit will be 25k
  • Nationwide Motorcycle Roadside Assistance - BD Cost $2.00 You get 2 tows per year ($150 each) While many riders will say I already have roadside assistance, having our policy gives you a certified motorcycle tower who if you need to be towed over $150 dollars will work with you to stack your bike roadside, BD roadside to get you safely off the road. Many ride in rural areas where to get your bike home will cost you well over 200 dollars.

The total that BikerDown pays is 29.69 with a balance of $5.31 going into our national accident fund to enable us to help injured riders. To sign up for this membership program please click here
Remember If You Go DOWN....We Step UP!