Volume VI | June 2022
President and Founder of BikerDown

Colorado Riders

The past few weeks has been filled with tremendous tragedy in our riding community. BikerDown has received over 12 help requests of riders being injured and sadly over 6 fatalities.

I feel sometimes that no matter what we do as defensive riders, the fact is that drivers are still not seeing us and this has become our new normal.

This month, I am again going to highlight what you can do to be ready for an accident, prevent an accident, what to do in the event of an accident. We also have another Accident Scene Management class this Saturday June 25th, that has a few additional open spots and I encourage everyone if you haven't taken it to please consider giving up this Saturday to learn the basic skills to render proper first aid to an injured rider.

I do want to thank you for the trust you have placed in this organization, because of your faith and support our Colorado non-profit has grown into a national organization.

Ride SAFE out there and remember If you go DOWN, We STEP UP!

Laurie Montoya
President & Founder
BikerDown Foundation.
BikerDown Colorado - Accident Scene Management
Accident Scene Management is a world–renowned motorcycle safety class put on by the Road Guardians and their nationwide team of instructors. This class gives riders a full day of motorcycle trauma skills to help an injured rider until such time as EMT's can get on the scene.

You will learn vital skills that could save a life one day. This class retails for $99 or more, but our sponsor Two-Wheel Attorneys has discounted to $40 per student.

Our next class coming up this Saturday, June 25th at Arapahoe Community College in Littleton, CO from 8:30 am to 5:00pm. The class is open to only 20 attendees, and we only have a few spots available. If you are interested in attending this class, please click here.

There is no bigger safety tip BikerDown Colorado can give riders than to make sure they are truly insured in the event of an accident. 60% of drivers out there have state minimum levels or NO insurance at all. If you aren't truly covered, you will be shocked just how on your own you are when it comes to recovery. By following this suggested insurance checklist, you can ride with confidence that in the event of an accident you are truly covered.

We also recommend you get a real insurance agent to help you review your coverages and look over your assets to make sure you are covered when you really need it. It is a known fact that calling an 800 # for insurance, the representative on the phone is going to try and sell you the least amount of coverage which won't help you in an accident. Countless times i have heard them say You really don't need un-insured motorist coverage.
Top 8 Do's and Don'ts in the FIRST 24 Hours After an Accident
By Scott O'Sullivan
Founder of Rider Justice

In the immediate minutes, hours and days after a motorcycle accident, people do the strangest things. Sometimes they act irrationally due to the burst of adrenaline in their bodies. Other times, they are simply naïve about their own injuries, or they innocently trust the other driver to take responsibility for the damages they caused.

Whatever the reason, I’ve seen far too many personal injury cases in which the victim does something harmful to his or her own interests, thereby limiting their ability to secure the funds they need to heal or replace their property.
With that in mind, I thought I’d share the Top 8 Dos and Don’ts for the first 24 hours after your motorcycle accident. (Keep this page in your glove box!)

To read more click here
Consider JOINING BikerDown's Membership
Motorcycle accidents are at epidemic levels with accidents up in some states 35% from 2020 with still a lot of riding left in 2021. Riders are finding out too late just how underinsured they are on their bikes. They are also learning just how under or UN-INSURED the drivers are who are hitting them. Riders need memberships and services that can truly help them in their time of need the most ... their recovery.

Our BikerDown Roadside Plus membership for $35.00 per month offers motorcycle riders real value, but over the years, riders just couldn't wrap their arms around giving BikerDown $35 per month. Well, the truth is that you aren't giving BD 35.00 We are going to break down what you get with this membership and what it actually costs us to pay for those services.

  • Aflac Accident Essentials Policy - BD Cost $27.69 This is an accident policy that is inclusive in our membership and provides riders cash benefits, paid directly to YOU based on the services you receive at the hospital. Here are some examples of what you will get.
1200 admittance into the hospital for overnight stay
300-400 per day in ICU
150-200 per day in a regular hospital room
100-150 per day in a rehab facility

  • Aflac Accident Death Benefit - Included in the above policy - 35k accident benefit paid to the family members that you designate. In some states that benefit will be 25k
  • Nationwide Motorcycle Roadside Assistance - BD Cost $2.00 You get 2 tows per year ($150 each) While many riders will say I already have roadside assistance, having our policy gives you a certified motorcycle tower who if you need to be towed over $150 dollars will work with you to stack your bike roadside, BD roadside to get you safely off the road. Many ride in rural areas where to get your bike home will cost you well over 200 dollars.

The total that BikerDown pays is 29.69 with a balance of $5.31 going into our national accident fund to enable us to help injured riders. To sign up for this membership program please click here
Remember If You Go DOWN....We Step UP!