VOLUME 5 • ISSUE 2 • Mar/Apr 2020
Regional resources for walking and biking during COVID-19
Walking and biking during the coronavirus pandemic means following basic guidelines, like avoiding group rides and making sure to leave a minimum of six feet when next to or when passing another person. Walking and biking are both great ways to get exercise while following safety guidelines. Continue reading...
A USF Transportation Day participant takes an electric scooter for a test ride.
USF Transportation Day showcases variety of transportation options
By Christina Van Allen,
Marketing and Communications Officer, Center for Urban Transportation Research

On February 27, the University of South Florida (USF) closed a campus street to motorists for the second annual USF Transportation Day. The celebration focused on sustainable, multi-use, and non-car commuting transportation options in the Tampa Bay region, including bicycles, scooters, and electric vehicles. This car-free zone allowed event-goers to visit vendor booths and learn about new transportation initiatives throughout the afternoon event. Continue reading...
Road to Zero workshops make headway, move online amid coronavirus pandemic
Workshop attendees commit to #crashnotaccident during one of the Road to Zero workshops.
By Erin Scheffels, PhD
University of South Florida

On March 9, 2020, a group of dedicated professionals of various backgrounds and expertise met in St. Petersburg to discuss a new age of bicyclist and pedestrian safety. The workshop was part of a “Road to Zero” grant-funded series provided by the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) at University of South Florida, with support from the National Safety Council. The workshop is taught by CUTR's Senior Researcher Julie Bond and USF Faculty Dr. Erin Scheffels. Continue reading...
Local Best Workplaces for Commuters recognized for providing commuter benefits to employees
Best Workplaces for Commuters awards were presented to local Tampa employers at the Tampa Downtown Partnership Meeting on February 21.
Tampa Bay's 2020 Best Workplaces for Commuters winners were recognized for providing commute benefits to employees, such as access to showers and secure bicycle parking, compressed work week (e.g. 4-ten hour schedule), telecommuting, and walking incentives, at the Tampa Downtown Partnership on February 21. Tampa General Hospital, VHB, Tindale Oliver, and Tampa Downtown Partnership received awards at the meeting. HNTB was also recognized for their status as a Tampa Bicycle Friendly Business.
FDOT District Seven was recognized as a 2020 Best Workplaces for Commuters at their Management Council meeting on February 26. Secretary David Gwynn accepted the award.
Find out how to join the growing list of BWC members at bestworkplaces.org .
Tampa Bay bicyclists ride more than 58,900 miles during March, log virtual rides, and #socialdistance
Glow Riders practicing social distancing. Photo provided by Challenge participant, Julienne Worthington.
In honor of Florida Bike Month, Bike/Walk Tampa Bay hosted the Tampa Bay Bike Challenge, encouraging people to ride bicycles for any reason including exercise, recreation, errands, and to/from work. Responding to the coronavirus crisis mid-challenge, the focus shifted to encouraging solo or family rides close to home and the inclusion of logging virtual rides. Continue reading...
Local workplaces were invited to create teams within the Challenge platform and encourage their employees to log rides, even if the rides weren’t specifically to commute to work by bike. The City of Tampa, University of South Florida, Forward Pinellas, The Florida Aquarium, HNTB, Lot 1901, Plan Hillsborough, and AIM Engineering were top competitors. Continue reading...
Hundreds of cyclists ride to work during Tampa's Downtown Ride & Rally
Riders stop at a signal for a photo on their way to Gaslight Park for the Ride & Rally.
On Thursday, March 12 the Tampa Downtown Partnership and Bike/Walk Tampa Bay hosted a Bike to Work Day Ride and Rally during Florida Bike Month! Riders started out from eight different meeting points and rode into downtown Tampa in small groups, converging at Lykes Gaslight Park for the rally. Riders received collectible t-shirts, enjoyed light refreshments, and signed up for the Tampa Bay Bike Challenge. Continue reading...
Local Bicycle Friendly Businesses SM recognized at "Heights Unites"
L to R: Patrick Thorpe, (allegedly) design; Julie Bond, Bike/Walk Tampa Bay; Patricia Kemp, Hillsborough County Commissioner; Christine Acosta, Pedal Power Promoters; & Anthony Derby, Brew Bus Brewing.
On February 29, Brew Bus Brewing, Florida Avenue Brewing Company, (allegedly) Design, and Shuffle were recognized as Bicycle Friendly Businesses at Heights Unites.
iCan Bike Tampa Bay to teach children with special needs how to ride bicycles
Learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage for most youth; a transition from backyard play to independence and neighborhood exploration. What about individuals with special needs who may require additional, differentiated instruction? Continue reading...
BWC Partnering Organizations are helping companies change America's commuter landscape
Best Workplaces for Commuters (BWC) Partnering Organizations actively encourage and assist employers, universities, and sites to successfully be named Best Workplaces for Commuters and receive national recognition.
"Positivity Pop-up" - Quotes from Our Partners 😊
Just remember - It’s all good. Although we may be separated by space currently because of social distancing, you are not alone. We are all UNITED in our efforts during this time of uncertainty!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all our law enforcement personnel, first responders, health care professionals, road crews, maintenance workers, grocery store employees, production/manufacturing workers, truckers, delivery workers, restaurant employees, mail carriers, teachers, parents, kids – as a matter of fact, THANK YOU to everyone for your sacrifices! Know that this is "Nothing But a Thing" (as my mom would say) and it shall pass, but our willingness to support and love each other, while standing united, is unbreakable, comforting, and will help us heal!

Ginger Regalado, Bicycle & Pedestrian/CTST Program Manager, Florida Department of Transportation - District Seven
“I am fortunate enough to be able to find daily examples of silver linings. I’m able to focus on projects that have been on the to-do list for awhile. I can spend quality time with my kids. The weather is glorious. I’m not wasting time commuting. And I’m loving how much people are rediscovering bicycling!”

Karen Kress, AICP – Director of Transportation and Planning, Tampa Downtown Partnership
“Take a break from all the negativity for happiness and positivity on a daily basis…or more as needed."

Rob Zimprich, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, University Area Community Development Corp., Inc. and Vice Chair of BWTB
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