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Lincoln YMCA
El Centro de las Americas
Health and the City 
Biking: Pandemic Relief for the Mind and Body
YMCA celebrates 150 years
During the pandemic, the YMCA pivoted and implemented new strategies to help everyone stay strong, healthy, and safe. They continued serving thousands of families, providing childcare, assisting seniors, and making sure our most vulnerable populations were cared for.

Fast forward to today, the Lincoln YMCA is celebrating 150 years of serving the community and welcoming folks back into their branches. Read more.
On the Trail
Did you catch our latest column in the Lincoln Journal Star? Many people took up riding a bike for the first time or returned to it after years of absence in order to stay active safely and for emotional respite. BikeLNK and our system of biking/walking trails were big helps.

This month's Health and the City, co-written with LNKTV Health, looks at the role of cycling in providing relief from pandemic confinement. Read our column,
Keeping the Hispanic Community, Safe,
Healthy, and Active
El Centro de las Americas has been providing much needed support to the Hispanic community, hard hit by the pandemic, including hosting a recent vaccination clinic.

Over the past year, they utilizined ZOOM, social media, and one-on-one meetings to continue offering education on topics like pandemic safety, food access, nutrition, and fitness, while also providing online breastfeeding support and exercise classes. Read more.
Help Us Help Lincoln
on Give to Lincoln Day
Your donation to us for Give to Lincoln Day helps us to protect and improve the health of our community.

We work to (1) improve child and maternal health by supporting breastfeeding and access to pre-natal care (2) create better patient outcomes through preventative care and screening, better chronic disease management, and standardizing clinical practices, (3) protect community health by providing science-based information and helping to increase vaccination access during crises like COVID 19, and (4) promote healthy weights through nutrition and fitness education and programming.

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Mini Tours, Biking
Lincoln's New "FitLot "

LNKTV Health and the LPS Wellness Program take you on a tour of a dairy farming operation in Nebraska with series 9 fun and educational videos.

Complete dairy farm playlist.

LNKTV Health partnered with the Pioneers Park Nature Center to show the wonders of nature in this series of 12 spring virtual mini-tours.

Complete Nature Center mini-tour playlist.

Check out Lincoln's new free fully equipped workout station, outdoors in Woods Park:
Sign up for free classes at the Woods Park FitLot facility.

Find hundreds of health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition videos on the LNKTV Health You Tube channel .
Watch on NET
Speaking of Nebraska:
Vaccine Hesitancy

Nebraska medical experts will explore concerns and answer questions from viewers across the state in the special episode.  Panelists include:
  • Bob Rauner, MD, MPH, family medicine, public health
  • Afua Ntem-Mensah, MD, infectious diseases
  • Keyonna King, DrPH, MA, health disparities
  • Josué Gutiérrez, MD, family medicine

The episode will air on NET TV:
-Th, May 6, 8PM
-F, May 7, 6PM (NET World)
-Sun, May 9PM, 8AM (NET World)
-M, May 10, 9PM
-W, May 12, 8PM (NET World)
-F, May 14, 1AM
-F, May 14, 9AM (NET World)
-Sun, May 16, 6PM
-Sun, May 23, 10PM
... and on NET Radio:
- F, May 7, 7PM

The show will also be posted on the Speaking of Nebraska homepage and NET’s YouTube channel shortly after it first airs on May 6th.
Streets Alive! 2021 Scheduled
Streets Alive!our free community wellness festival that promotes active living and healthy nutrition in a fun and interactive way, is scheduled for Sunday, September 26. It will again be hosted outdoors, weather and community health permitting, by the South Salt Creek neighborhood. Learn about our community development project there.

If you are interested in being a part of Streets Alive!, find information and sign-up applications at these links:

Nebraska Health at at Glance
We use Tableau, an interactive data visualization software, to illustrate health related data from across our state. 

At a glance, you can see the health trend measurements in Nebraska counties including COVID 19, breastfeeding, cancer screening, vaccination rates, obesity, life expectancy, and more in an interactive way. Take a look.
Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health, wellness, and fitness of Lincoln's children, families, and seniors.

We work to improve wellness policies and conduct community level health research. We collaborate with community partners to promote healthy weights through good nutrition and fitness, improve child and maternal health by supporting breastfeeding, create better patient outcomes by increasing cancer screening and vaccination rates, improving chronic disease management, increasing preventative outreach, and standardizing clinical practices. During public health crises like the COVID 19 pandemic, we help to protect community health by providing science and evidence-based information.

Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln also works to improve health equity in our community, addressing disparities among racial and ethnic populations with the highest burden of chronic disease.  Systemic racism is also a threat to community health. We stand in solidarity with everyone who is fighting for greater equality and justice for all.

 Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln
4600 Valley Road Ste. 250   Lincoln, NE 68510
Phone: (402) 430-9940     
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