Bilingual  Literacy 
Development Materials
Perfect for Summer School!
Help your PreK and kindergarten students' reading readiness. 

This summer, extend the school year and deepen the young learners' ability to read with Semillitas de Aprendizaje, IDRA's early childhood resources.

Semillitas de Aprendizaje is a bilingual (Spanish/English) supplemental early childhood curriculum, created by IDRA, based on the art of storytelling. The teacher guide contains 10 units to lead your students through the Semillitas de Aprendizaje stories. 

Each unit has a set of classroom activities that include a morning song, storytelling, literacy connection with STEM explorations, center activities, phonemic awareness, writing and alphabet knowledge, English transition, family connections and informal assessment.  

In addition, we have provided planning tools connected to knowledge, skill and concept objectives along with suggestions for using technology in early childhood classrooms. 


The stories, accompanied by a detailed  teacher guide  and  scope & sequence , can help your teachers...
  • focus on comprehension strategies,
  • encourage questioning,
  • build on prior knowledge,
  • guide students to develop mental images from text, and
  • build vocabulary.
With Semillitas de Aprendizaje, you can provide the required eight-week bilingual summer school to students through a variety of interactive activities that generate excitement as students connect with the characters. The materials lead to:
  • literacy development,
  • culturally-relevant comprehension,
  • phonological awareness and phonics,
  • book knowledge and use,
  • print knowledge,
  • emergent writing, and
  • storytelling/poetry reading.
IDRA also can provide customized  technical assistance and training ,classroom demonstrations and coaching for success. Examples include:
  • Integrating the teacher guide unit activities into your curriculum
  • Capitalizing on the art of storytelling as a way to channel language learning
  • Using interactive activities to engage children and develop their communication skills
  • Strengthening connections between school and home

Take a look at the materials 
10 Storybooks & 10 Big Books
With rich vocabulary, each book tells its beautiful story in English and in Spanish. The Big Books are abridged versions of the full storybooks. Designed for early childhood and primary grades.
15 Math Books
The math books feature photos of farm animals and focus on numeracy and social-emotional development. Each book includes basic concepts, questions and vocabulary (Spanish, English).
Teacher guide cover
Teacher Guide 
(Manual de Maestro)
10 units in 196 pages of classroom activities, including morning song, storytelling, literacy connection with STEM explorations, center activities, phonemic awareness, writing and alphabet knowledge, English transition, family connections and informal assessment.

Cartitas sample
Cartitas - Letters Home
A set of 20 letters (10 English, 10 Spanish) for teachers to send home for parents. Each letter has activities related the stories, such as great ways to bring the story home like book sharing, the art of play, and healthy traditions in your family.

DVD cover
Storytelling & Storyreading Videos DVD
Be transported into the world of the Semillitas de Aprendizaje characters through traditional storytelling techniques that convey the meaning and spirit of each tale in Spanish. And watch and listen as each story is read aloud with dramatic voices and actions in English.

Video screen shot
Get a sneak peek at the storytelling video, 
"Los NĂºmeros del 1 al 10 y otras Coplas" in Spanish

The classroom set includes 10 Storybooks, 10 Big Books, 
20 Cartitas (10 English, 10 Spanish), 15 math books, storytelling DVD and the teacher guide.

Available from  IDRA for $464 per set plus shipping.  Components are also sold separately.
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April 25, 2019