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Tickets for general Admission are $15, for students and seniors are $12.
For more details, videos and more photos, go to  www.inscenany.com. 

"Oggi nessun gruppo affronta il monumento della narrazione teatrale più ingegnosamente ed entusiasticamente di Bedlam."
The New York Times

"Dopo la leggendaria Royal Shakespeare Company fondata da Peter Brook, nessuna compagnia ha saputo sviluppare produzionI tanto radicalmente originalI o poetiche dei più grandi testi teatrali di tutti i tempi"  Wall Street Journal

di e con Stephan Wolfert
diretto da Eric Tucker

Dopo due anni di paralisi, dopo sei anni nell'esercito degli Stati Uniti, dopo aver sofferto del Disordine da Stress Post-Traumatico, Stephan Wolfert salta su un treno che attraversa le montagne del Montana. Lontano da casa. Nel nulla. Senza la minima idea di cosa fare della sua vita. Fino a che per caso entra in un teatro, scoprendo la scrittura di Shakespeare e una insospettabile affinità con la sua esperienza. Cosi' ha iniziato a fare teatro. Oggi Stephan è responsabile per Bedlam di uno speciale programma di recupero per veterani attraverso il teatro.

19 e 20 aprile ore 21:00 
Teatro Sala Uno,
P.za di Porta San Giovanni, 10
Costo: € 15 - Studenti/Seniors €10 - info e prenotazioni: 
Parte del Shakespeare Re-Loaded Festival (Roma-Verona 18-28 Aprile)
Masterclass con Stephan Wolfert

Condotta da Stephan Wolfert, punta sul lavoro di analisi del testo e sulla verità di interpretazione. Bedlam è famosa per le messe in scena basate quasi esclusivamente sul lavoro dell'attore, sulla sua presenza fisica e sulla parola, che lo guida. In inglese (con l'ausilio di un traduttore), consente di lavorare sul testo e di analizzare la scrittura di Shakespeare in versione originale. Max 20 attori professionisti. Richiesta conoscenza minima inglese.
Domenica 17 aprile
 Teatro Azione, ore 11:00-17:00 
(con pausa pranzo)-Costo: 150€
Info e prenotazioni: segreteria@teatroazione.org
APRIL 29, 2016 - 7PM
Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo'(24 W 12 street)
based on 
Six Characters in search of an Author
by Luigi Pirandello
Foto per Pirandello
Presented as part of  The Literary Mews, 
a festival within the  PEN World Voices Festival
MAY 2-16, 2016
Discover In Scena! 
2016 at  www.inscenany.com
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get excited, feel italian!)
Travel the world with Pirandello
80 years after he left us, we honor Luigi Pirandello by bringing his work on stage in many languages, Italian included.
Kairos Italy Theater (Italy/US) - Patricia Cardona (Spain) - Calabrisella Film (USA/Italy) Saudade Theater Company (Portogual) - T heodora Loukas (Greece) -  Emanuele Vezzoli e Matutateatro (Italy) and more... 
with the participation of Rocco Sisto 

MAY 2, 2016 - 7PM
Cherry Lane Theatre  (38 Commerce street)
co presented by the League of Independent Theaters 
Written and directed by Mauro Santopietro
Starring  Mauro Santopietro & Alessia Giangiuliani. 
Produced by Teatro Stabile d'Abruzzo.

Seven scenes narrating the humorous, dramatic and poetic dynamics of a human couple.

The play moves forward though historical eras to arrive at present day, exploring the endless dynamics between man and woman: lovers or rivals, together or hopelessly distant, but forever in search of a joint identity.

Winner of the Lazio Region "Bando di Produzione" for new plays.

May 3, 7.30pm, Bernie Wohl Center at Goddard Riverside
May 5, Time 8pm, Triskelion Arts
Diary of a Serbian Housewife
Based on the novel by Mirjana Bobic Mojsilovic . Directed by Fiona Sansone , starring Ksenija Martinovic . Produced by CSS Teatro Stabile di Innovazione of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Andjelka is a young woman whose urge to relive her memories leads her to retrace the steps of her life: her childhood spent in Tito's Yugoslavia, her adolescence and adulthood spent in Milosevic's Serbia. 

The story of an entire generation of young people living in war-torn regions who weren't ready to
become adults so soon. 

Winner of the prestigious National Award "Giovani Realta' del Teatro 2014" and a selection of Dominio Pubblico/All-in Festival 2015, dedicated to theater-makers under 25. In Scena! partners every year with an Italian festival, Dominio Pubblico is the partner for 2016.

May 6, Time 7:30pm, Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo', Manhattan
May 9, Time 8pm, Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn
Written by Francesco Lioce and Emanuele Vezzoli.
Directed and performed by Emanuele Vezzoli
(Franco Zeffirelli's "Traviata" and Julie Taymor's "Titus).
The life story of celebrated Italian end-of-life rights pioneer Piergiorgio Welby comes to the stage.  Afflicted with muscular dystrophy, in 2006 Welby publicly declared his wish to refuse the medical treatment that kept him alive.

"Ocean Terminal" rewinds the reel of his life, as he narrates his own story with powerful, original and chaotic language. It the portrait of a passionate and vital artist engaged in a conflict between the loss of hope and the celebration of life.

May 13 & 15, 7:30pm
Bernie Wohl Center at Goddard Riverside

Based on Carlo Collodi's "Pinocchio". (Lazio)
Written and directed by Titta Ceccano.

Company Matutateatro in collaboration with the Teatro della Caduta of Turin reimagines the story of the world's most famous wooden puppet inside a Felliniesque world.

The story of Pinocchio told with live music, choreographed dance, and shadow puppetry to illustrate the transformation of an impertinent wooden puppet into a sensible flesh-and-bone boy.
May 4 - 8pm College of Staten Island
Staten Island
May 7 - 3pm Bernie Wohl Center
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Written and directed by Chiara Cervati.
Starring Chiara Cervati and Elena Trombini. (Lombardia)

Tackling the themes of informed nutrition and the seasonal nature of fruit and vegetables, this entertaining play uses medium of theater to instill in children an awareness of the issues of proper nutrition, agro-ecology, and mindful grocery shopping. 

Cuoca Primavera is a chef on a desperate quest to find the best ingredients that will allow her dishes to stand out alongside other well-known chefs. 

May 11, 6pm, Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo', Manhattan
May 12, 4pm, Enrico Fermi Cultural Center and Belmont Public Library, Bronx 
May 14, 3pm, Bernie Wohl Center at Goddard Riverside, Manhattan
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In scena is offering a great workshop with a great Maestro of Photography  from Italy: Stefano Corso. 
For details check HERE.

Offer Expires 04/25/2016
To participate, 
send an email at info@kitheater.com
For info on Stefano: www.stefanocorso.com 
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