An Update on Bill C-22: Canada Disability Benefit

Thank you to everyone for your amazing support in 2022. It was a challenging year, but progress was made on Bill C-22 and we are optimistic we can make more. This year, we continue to fight for the Canada Disability Benefit and to end disability poverty in Canada.

Before the holiday season, the Bill was passed by the HUMA Standing Committee and presented back to the House of Commons. Unfortunately, it was not brought back for a final reading and vote before the Parliamentarians left for their holiday break. This was disappointing and a missed opportunity.

We are now at a critical point.

The House of Commons returns on January 30th, and will sit until February 17th before it takes it's scheduled winter break. With such a small window, it is important that we advocate for Bill C-22 to be the first order of business when Parliament returns.

Your continued support has helped us get to the stage we are at now, and we need your help in a final push to help the bill get through the final stage in the House of Commons and off to the Senate.

There's still work to do, and we still need your help!

There have been many letters sent to Members of Parliament (MPs) urging their support of the Canada Disability Benefit, and it has helped tremendously. We recognize we have come asking many times on this. But this is a major deal for our community and potentially a game changer for the lives of people with intellectual disabilities and other disabilities. We are asking once again to help support and advocate to your local MP's. If you are comfortable, request a meeting with your MP or simply call, email or write urging support.

We have created an updated letter for you to send. Join us in asking our MP's to prioritize and fast-track the bill for Third Reading as the first order of business when the House of Commons returns on January 30th.

As Parliamentarians prepare to return to the House of Commons on January 30th, the timing is crucial between now and the next week to contact them. They are actively working within their own parties now to set the legislative priorities for when they return.

If you've sent a letter before, send this new one. Tell your family and friends as well. Personalize the letter and tell your MP why this is important and matters to you, your family, and your friends. 

Let's amplify our collective voices on this important issue.

What's next?

Once this bill passes successfully through the House of Commons, it will have to go through the same process in the Senate. After it passes through the Senate, it will receive Royal Assent and become law! The faster it passes through the House of Commons now, the closer we are to having a benefit that will support the financial security of people with disabilities who need it.

Living with a disability should not mean living in poverty. Lets pass this bill now!

Thank you!!

How you can continue to help:

Contact your MP today!
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