January 11,2021 FridayMusings is your source for Livonia Cultural Happenings
2020 was a difficult year. 2021 is not starting off any better as we face a degree of uncertainty leaving us unsure of what to expect from one week to the next. A trip to the dentist includes a discussion on what took place in Washington. A browse through Facebook to see who is celebrating a birthday or anniversary uncovers hatred, division, accusations. Conversations over the back 40 start off tepidly, not knowing which position the neighbor takes.

We are mad at our education. We find everything wrong with our hometown. We dislike our elected officials if they aren't supportive enough of our own views. Life becomes all about "me. My. Mine." No longer do we talk about the common good. About the exciting. The different. The possible.

Damn it. Not on these pages of FridayMusings. You can blame the Left. Blame the Right. FridayMusings is going to take between now and Valentine's Day and share your visions, missions, goals, aspirations. Share what is good about Livonia. About our hometown. Rant all you want on your own page about the negative views without offering up solutions. Without offering up what you like about the town in which you pay taxes, you benefit from stable home values. About why 3rd and fourth generations move back to the town in which they were raised.

In our community with all its stunning open space, cultural richness, we can and should gain a new appreciation during the pandemic. We have a hometown where our family connections run strong. Yes, let us look at what is changing but let us also look at how we can be a positive force for that change. Change without acrimony. Without hatred. Where we can combine what we have in constructive conversations, become determined to be engaged while offering solutions and taking ownership with clarity in the town we will continue to call home.

Let me know and let our readers know what parts of Livonia you have delighted in, have inspired you, will continue to comfort you in a year in which we are unsure of the outcome. But know one thing. We have a hometown of which we deserve to be proud.