October 12,2020 Your Source for Livonia Cultural Happenings
Phoenix gets 4 Typewriters while movie gets one

I couldn't wait. Got to the theatre 45 minutes early. Picked my socially distanced seat on the computer. Got the popcorn and sweet tea. Went dancing down the hall.

Sure I was wearing a mask as were the concession workers. They seemed as happy to see me as I them.

Chatted up two other couples who were there to see Robert DiNiro in his latest comedy. "We love DiNiro. See all of his movies."

"It was so good to get out to see a movie. Always come to the Phoenix."

There is just something about the Phoenix. The heated, reclining chairs. Locally owned. Yes, I am a Phoenix slappy. To me going to a movie is a diversion. An escape. And the Phoenix is back on my list of favorite escapes. Thanks staff for preparing this experience.
Typewriter 1950's
Yes the theatre was great. The atmosphere was wonderful. The safety precautions were top drawer. But the movie, Infidel, a story of an American kidnapped by Hezbollah during an interfaith conference held in Cairo was an agenda driven movie that also tried to be action packed. One or the other. Both did not work.

The international collection of actors is lead by one of my favorites Jim Caviezel. The faith aspect of this movie does not overpower but it is in the forefront of the movie enough that the action aspect does not blend well for this typewriter. For my first movie back in seven months it was not what needed to be selected.

This movie gets a one typewriter.
Results: Musings Reader Poll on
issues affecting Livonia
Would you like to see an amphitheatre in Livonia?
YES 79% NO 21%

This could be the next jewel in the cornerstone of excellence in community building for western Wayne County. YMCA brought families in 60's and 70's. Library became gathering place for education. Recreation Center enhanced image of youthful fitness. Amphitheatre would add to quality of life.
Will you continue wearing a mask?
YES 82% NO 18%

Livonia is not just community. Livonia is family and these numbers show that we care about each other. Health is a priority defining quality of life.
Which candidate for State Representative will you vote for?
63% Laurie Pohutsky 37% Martha Ptashnik

With over $250,000 on the low end being spent to elect a State Representative these numbers may not reflect the closeness of the race. According to a political insider the internal Democratic polls show Pohutsky up by 5% while the internal Republican polls give Pohutsky a 1% edge.
Which candidate for Congress will you be voting for?
65% Haley Stevens 35% Eric Esshaki

Who is Eric Esshaki? FridayMusings has a $25 gift card to Corsi's for anyone who can say they spotted Esshaki in Livonia meeting and greeting voters in the past two weeks? Not at a Republican rally or meeting but at a Livonia event. Stevens is everywhere, crisscrossing the district and making western Wayne County aware of her accessibility and availability.
Thin Blue Line Rally / Ride to Wilson Barn
Saturday, October 17, 2020 at 1 PM starting at Ladywood High School

They will be meeting at 1:00PM in the Parking Lot and will leave by 1:30 for the ride / drive to the Wilson Barn for free cider and donuts.

If you would like to please decorate, fly or hold a TBL or American flag out the window in support of our first responders. There will be Thin Blue Line merchandise and police support signs available for purchase with a portion of the proceeds going to the Livonia Police Department.
Todd Scott, Executive Director of the Detroit Greenways Coalition, sums up what Proposition 1 on our November 3rd ballot is all about and why we should vote YES.

FridayMusings joins over 30 environmental groups in supporting Proposal 1.

The Michigan Naturals Resources Trust Fund (MNRTF) is a major funding source for acquiring land for conservation, parks, and trails.
  • The Trust Fund also helps develop parks and trails, though it is currently limited.
  • Proposal 1 maintains the existing grant funding for land acquisitions and increases it for parks and trails. It will also make the redevelopment of existing facilities eligible.
  • Proposal 1 removes the Trust Fund cap, allowing future oil, gas, and mining royalties to be deposited here rather than in the state’s general fund.

Proposal 1 on this November’s ballot makes some changes to the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund — and we think they’re all improvements. That’s why we joined the Vote YES on Proposal 1 Coalition along with over 30 other Michigan environment and conservation organizations.

What is the Trust Fund? It’s a dedicated fund that was created from the royalties on oil, gas, and mining operation on state land. It stopped receiving those funds in 2011 when it hit its $500 million cap. However it’s still growing from the interest and investments of those funds. To protect it from being raided for other purposes, voters moved it into the State Constitution (Section 35).

Each year, governments apply for grants from the fund. Those grants are scored, prioritized, then recommended (or not) by the appointed Trust Fund board before being approved by the legislature and governor.
Time for a
Monday Smile
Dr. Svetlana Tsivinskaya is a Recording Artist as well as the Concertmaster for the Livonia Symphony Orchestra.
She earned a Doctor of Musical Arts in Violin Performance at Michigan State University, a
Masters of Music at St. Petersburg State,
Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory, Russia.

She is shown here performing at a Livonia Symphony Orchestra Concert directed by
Volodymyr Shesiuk.

She also likes to swim: "Celebrating October 11th 2020. Thank you Weather! Water is my element. Violinists must swim. It is good for us. Develop and maintain strong upper body and arms and neck to play your best!"
Tail and brake light repair
Livonia Citizens Caring About Black Lives (LCCABL) is hosting a clinic to change your tail and brake lights free of charge.

This public service aims to prevent unnecessary police stops, expensive tickets and fines, and possible court appearances, to benefit the greater community. By reducing the opportunity for police stops that disproportionately affect vulnerable populations, LCCABL works toward its goal of “public safety for all”.

They will have the most common brake lights on hand and trained volunteers to help install.
There will be water and snacks and a waiting area while they change the burnt out tail light bulbs in your car.

Reserve a spot at the clinic, and let us know what make and model of car you are bringing. They will do their best to get your lights working, but cannot guarantee that they will be able to solve any underlying wiring issues.

The time slots are in 15 minute intervals starting at 11AM, with the last one at 3:45PM. They will also be serving "walk ins" as time permits.

Here is the link to reserve your spot: https://forms.gle/YgYtXxSwody4ZTb17
Let's all attend Seedlings'
Virtual Open House!
Instead of holding an open house at our Livonia, MI facility this fall, we are inviting everyone to watch the wonderful video that "Under the Radar Michigan" produced showcasing Seedlings.

  See kids read and write braille. Watch as our staff and volunteers make their books. Do it all virtually from your home at your convenience.

Watch NOW or anytime! Our Open House is Oct. 14 officially, but since it's virtual, you can attend any time or day. Why wait?

Watch below 
A Fall Reboot Music from the Heart
Music From the Heart is returning with a special fall edition! Concerts will take place on Saturdays from 6-8 p.m.

Oct. 17 - Trilogy Band
Oct. 24 - Devin Scillian and Arizona Son
Our hometown Rotary AM Club aiming to help eradicate polio worldwide
Since we couldn't do our carnival or Touch a Truck this year, we are doing this as a fundraiser and would hope you could help publicize it for us. 

70 minute live magic show on facebook live. Thurs Oct 29 from 7pm-8:10. Tickets $25 per household. 

Should be great fun for the family and help Rotary Intl get rid of the last two countries with active polio cases (Afghanistan and Pakistan). Please ask people to forward this link to as many friends and relatives as possible. It would make a great gift for someone you don't what to get them for a birthday or anniversary.

2021 City of Livonia Greenleaf Award – Submit Your Nomination

Do you know a Livonia based business or organization that is demonstrating leadership in environmental and sustainability initiatives? Now is the time to let the rest of the community know. 

The Greenleaf Commission on Sustainability (LivoniaGreenleaf.org) and the Livonia Chamber of Commerce will award its annual City of Livonia Greenleaf Award. The goal of the Greenleaf Award is to recognize businesses or volunteer organizations that have demonstrated leadership in making Livonia a resilient and sustainable community. 

To Submit a Nomination for the 2021 City of Livonia Greenleaf Award

Businesses or volunteer organizations can nominate others or themselves for the City of Livonia Greenleaf Award.  To submit a nomination, please email the following information to Jim Baringhaus – Greenleaf Commission (jbaringhaus@ci.livonia.mi.us):

  • Name of Business or Organization You Wish to Nominate
  • Your Name and Contact Information (Email address or Telephone
  • Contact Name & Contact Information (Email address or Telephone) for the Nominated Business or Organization
  • Description of the sustainability initiatives of this business or organization
  • Explanation of why this business or organization deserves the Greenleaf Award