October 14,2020 Your Source for Livonia Cultural Happenings
It is even more important now to support our Livonia non-profit sector
Kathleen Chichester, President of the Livonia Civic Chorus, met up with Dan MacIver, President of Financial & Portfolio Advisors, Deborah E. White, Administrative Assistant, and Regina M. Miller, Administrative Service Assistant, to receive support as a Presenting Sponsor for the 56th year of the Chorus.

MacIver commented on the importance to continue supporting the Livonia "non-profit sector, especially the arts. We are proud to once again be counted as a supporter of one of Livonia's longest serving cultural organizations and challenge other businesses to continue their support in this year of the pandemic."
Madonna & Greenmead
working together
Our Livonia Greenmead Historical Park is sending out a huge thank you to the Madonna University football team.

On Friday, Oct. 9, the team completed many projects around the park, including removing the old farm fence and installing a new one along Newburgh Road, as well as moving farm equipment artifacts into the lean-to so they are protected from the elements.
The team also painted two trellises in the Hill House gardens and the white picket fence along Eight Mile Road and Victor Parkway.

All of Livonia that appreciates our historic village also appreciates and acknowledges the partnerships that help shape our hometown. Madonna University and Greenmead. A partnership that works.
Livonia leadership honors Maria Harris
Italian American Club's Woman of the Year

City Hall was the scene celebrating Livonia’s Italian heritage Monday in a rare moment during this pandemic year of pomp and circumstance.

Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan offered up "Special thanks to Councilwoman Laura Toy for bringing out some of Livonia’s most generous people to honor Maria Harris as the Livonia Italian American Club’s Woman of the Year."
Retail politics in the race for State Representative brings Whitmer to Livonia
Governor Gretchen Whitmer was in Livonia Monday along with Sen. Dayna Polehanki D-Livonia, and dozens of Livonia residents campaigning for State Representative Laurie Pohutsky.
Carrie Budzinski writing on Facebook explained why she and her son were on hand to meet the Governor and to campaign:

To "be informed and involved in government and politics at all levels. Decisions get made that impact your life every single day. You can't possibly know all of the things but you can and should know the people who are making those decisions for you. Focus on policy not personality because public servants/politicians are people.

"Here are some great people representing us:

"Governor Gretchen Whitmer a working mom and female governor who is trying to keep Michiganders AND our economy safe and healthy during a global pandemic with no federal leadership, limited assistance and plenty of death threats.
"Dayna Polehanki is a teacher! An award winning teacher, who decided to leave the classroom to serve all Michigan students in the State Senate. She's fighting hard for students and teachers and fighting to get weapons banned from the State Capitol because the domestic terrorists noted above think it's fun to intimidate elected officials while they're working.
"Laurie Pohutsky is a role model. She is engaged and accessible to constituents. She holds biweekly virtual 'coffee chats' to let citizens know what issues are being discussed in Lansing, how she's voting and why and answers questions about her actions and issues of the state. She's done an AMAZING job but because voters too often ignore the people and look straight for blue and red (for good and bad) her very important seat is on the line.

"For three weeks in a row my son Lucas and I have been getting out to support her campaign because she's exactly the kind of person you want representing you and we definitely want her to represent us!

"Get involved, be informed and have some fun. Democracy is on the line."
Time for a
Wednesday Smile
The typewriter has seen this picture for a week throughout social media and each time it brings a smile to my face.

Two members of the City Council spending time coaching their daughter and son as a part of our Livonia recreational opportunities.

It was McCullough vs. Jolly! Not the Council members but Harper McCullough (daughter of Brandon) and JD Jolly (son of Jim) head to head in T-ball! Keep your eye on these two. They may be the next generation of Council members!
Another Facebook Find
This song was written by Livonia's Robert Johnson in 2008 shortly after the death of his daughter Sarah. "There are so many things left to say to someone after they are gone, so many things to do that did not get done.

"All life becomes a memory when they are gone. You can cherish those memories, but you can't hug children when they are gone. When all you have is a photograph, sometimes you write a song. That being said, you still love them when they are gone, wonder what could have been, and wonder why it went so wrong."
Greenleaf Award –
Submit Your Nomination

Do you know a Livonia based business or organization that is demonstrating leadership in environmental and sustainability initiatives? Now is the time to let the rest of the community know. 

The Greenleaf Commission on Sustainability (LivoniaGreenleaf.org) and the Livonia Chamber of Commerce will award its annual City of Livonia Greenleaf Award. The goal of the Greenleaf Award is to recognize businesses or volunteer organizations that have demonstrated leadership in making Livonia a resilient and sustainable community. 

To Submit a Nomination for the 2021 City of Livonia Greenleaf Award

Businesses or volunteer organizations can nominate others or themselves for the City of Livonia Greenleaf Award.  To submit a nomination, please email the following information to Jim Baringhaus – Greenleaf Commission (jbaringhaus@ci.livonia.mi.us):

  • Name of Business or Organization You Wish to Nominate
  • Your Name and Contact Information (Email address or Telephone
  • Contact Name & Contact Information (Email address or Telephone) for the Nominated Business or Organization
  • Description of the sustainability initiatives of this business or organization
  • Explanation of why this business or organization deserves the Greenleaf Award
Chamber of Commerce CityScape Series
Chuck Dardas--AlphaUSA
New electronic health records at St. Mary's
Mercy Health Saint Mary's has earned the 2020 CHIME Digital Health Most Wired recognition from The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME).
The CHIME Digital Health Most Wired program conducts an annual survey to assess how effectively health care organizations apply advanced technologies into their clinical and business programs to improve health and care in their communities.

Mercy Health Saint Mary's was certified Level 7 Ambulatory, and certified Level 8 Acute. According to CHIME, Most Wired organizations in levels 7 and 8 have deployed technologies and strategies (e.g., population health/cost-of-care analytics, HIEs/integration engines, and patient portals) to help them analyze their data and are starting to achieve meaningful clinical and efficiency outcomes. These organizations are experimenting with more advanced technologies, like telehealth, that expand access to care.

Most notably this year St. Mary's Mercy has adopted a new electronic health record, part of an upgrade made at Trinity Health hospitals nationwide.

The electronic medical record uses a single comprehensive health record for each person across the care continuum, which improves caregiver workflow and efficiency, elevates patient safety, and enhances the overall quality of care received by patients.

"Our hospitals are committed to incorporating innovative technologies to improve the experience and drive positive outcomes for patients," said Rosalie Tocco-Bradley, MD, PhD, MHSA, Trinity Health Michigan chief clinical officer. "Another advancement in our technology includes the successful implementation of one unified electronic medical record across all our Michigan hospitals, ambulatory centers and medical group practices. It’s another tool in our toolbox to bring seamless continuity of care and healing to the communities we serve.”
Each participating organization received a customized benchmarking report, an overall score and scores for individual levels in eight segments: infrastructure; security; business/disaster recovery; administrative/supply chain; analytics/data management; interoperability/population health; patient engagement; and clinical quality/safety. Participants can use the report and scores to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. Participants also received certification based on their overall performance, with level 10 being the highest.

“Digital technology has been a driver of innovation in healthcare for many years now, but never to the degree that we saw in 2020 with the pandemic,” said CHIME President and CEO Russell P. Branzell. “The Digital Health Most Wired program underscores why healthcare organizations keep pushing themselves to be digital leaders and shows what amazing feats they can achieve. This certification recognizes their exemplary performance in 2020.”  
Our hometown Rotary AM Club aiming to help eradicate polio worldwide
Since we couldn't do our carnival or Touch a Truck this year, we are doing this as a fundraiser and would hope you could help publicize it for us. 

70 minute live magic show on facebook live. Thurs Oct 29 from 7pm-8:10. Tickets $25 per household. 

Should be great fun for the family and help Rotary Intl get rid of the last two countries with active polio cases (Afghanistan and Pakistan). Please ask people to forward this link to as many friends and relatives as possible. It would make a great gift for someone you don't what to get them for a birthday or anniversary.

Even in this pandemic year there are ways to support our hometown service clubs who continue to support Livonia.