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FridayMusings Friday, October 31, 2022    Helping define Livonia Quality of Life

Livonia does Halloween up right by inviting in the Ghostbusters who appointed Mayor Miller Brosnan as an honorary member

I am not sure who enjoyed the Halloween decorating contest more, the families who turned their homes into a neighborhood attraction or Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan who says "we came down the street, lights blazing and the Ghostbusters Detroit pulling up in front of the award-winning homes."

The typewriter drove one neighborhood checking out homes and came away with the sense that homeowners with young children, that is young families, were the ones with the most decorations. Children and families having fun decorating their homes for a season that seems to be gaining in popularity.

Congratulations Livonia for giving us an opportunity to showcase some amazing decorations and to highlight the uniqueness of our hometown, creativity that puts smiles on the faces of adults, and "wow" out of the mouths of children. This typewriter was heard exclaiming Wow a number of times.

Livonia offers up congratulations to the winners of the first-ever Haunt Your Home Contest! "Thank you to everyone who entered the contest! We had 80 entries and it was VERY hard to pick just four!"

Check out the Livonia Haunt Your Home map of houses:

Here's a list of the first-ever Haunt Your Home winners:

30120 Lyndon    14052 Hix    16505 Surrey    Ghostbusters Award – 14133 Brentwood

St. Andrew's Episcopal plays a significant role in our faith community

Congratulations to St. Andrew’s Episcopal on celebrating their Platinum Jubilee of being in Livonia!

They were one of the first churches in Livonia, originally meeting in Bentley High School, in 1952. They are located on Hubbard Rd. Between 5&6 Mile , by Buchanan Elementary, which was once their property.

Brandon McCullough had the honor of delivering a commendation from City Council Saturday!

Samantha Lewis to exhibit at the Bennett Library throughout month of November

Samantha is an upcycling artist, fueled by an attitude of environmental gratitude and activism toward a safer future. With a knack for combining elements of industry and nature, her goal is to redefine “junk” that was destined for the dump, gaining new life through a novel perspective. 

Identifying the appropriate components is a puzzle. Samantha allows favorite materials that include stained glass, wood, and steel to guide the final product, reflecting the second-chance beauty unique to upcycled art.

Hats off to the kitchen volunteers at the Rotary Community Dinner

Dave  Stechholz sent Musings a picture of the cooks and kitchen workers at the Community Spaghetti Dinner, who were working in the kitchen since 10 a.m. the morning of the dinner.

Special thanks goes to Tristan Bonifield, Tammy and Brad's son. He, along with Deanna Gaffney, were the two top chefs. Tristan is on the far left. 

Also, a special shout-out to Barb Moldenhauer, in blue in the picture. Barb represented Christ our Savior Lutheran Church, the dinner host church, as the Building Programs Coordinator. She attended most of the planning meetings. Barb knows where everything is kept; she really helps things move successfully. 

The left-over food, as is every year, is taken after the Dinner by Andrew and Dave Stechholz to Family of God and Pan De Vita (Bread of Life) Lutheran Churches, in the Springwell area of Detroit to feed the homeless, addicted, and forgotten. 

Also, a special thanks to Thrivent Financial's Rick Hart for their financial support for food purchases.

To all the donors for the new Clarenceville High School Technology Lab

On behalf of Clarenceville High School, I would like to thank you for your generosity with these donations.  I am so happy to see that when a community comes together, many great things can be accomplished.  

And what we’ve accomplished is a win-win-win: the students win because they get to learn real-world content and workforce-ready skills.  CHS wins because we get to utilize your funds to buy appropriate materials to help the students build meaningful projects.  You win because very soon, these students are going to need full-time jobs and can come to you to help with your business needs.

I would like to thank you for your support. We appreciate you more than you know.

With Gratitude,

Deb Kummer, Engineering, Physics, and Math Instructor, Clarenceville High School

Some thoughts and appreciation for donations

Debra Stewart Bonde writes "Wow! So many great things going on in Livonia! Thanks, as always, to Masco & AlphaUSA & the Livonia residents for their amazing community support!"

Dawn Lukas says "Super impressed with all aspects of the new engineering program at Clarenceville school - very interesting!"

Veronica MacIver sums it up with "That's awesome."

Great Middlebelt and Merriman Road News!

The Wayne County Middlebelt bridge between 5 Mile and 6 Mile is scheduled to be opened at Noon, Tuesday, November 1st!

And for those of us who have been waiting, the Merriman Road Bridge between 6 Mile and 7 Mile is scheduled to open up in mid December. Perhaps for Santa to make his way to the homes along that route.

On a personal note

The typewriter really enjoys taking in so many activities in Livonia and then sharing them with our readers.

In the past week I have missed the Livonia Town Hall Series compliments of Sue Nix, the LSO Brass Quintet at the Bennett Library and missing the Community Foundation's Bourbon mixer compliments of Veronica Cruz.

The one event I did not miss was a long scheduled trip to Henry Ford Main Campus for some back surgery. 3 hours under the knife while the bodyguard waited and waited. In fact was downtown for nearly 9 hours.

So bear with me as I try and get out Musings on the appointed schedule this week. Do not like to miss any issues as there is so much going on, all the time, every week.

With the spinal stimulator installed three years ago doing a great job on eliminating the backpain it was necessary to open up the back this time to attack the leg pain issues so I could walk again. I am convinced that this surgery will do the trick.

Hope to be out and about very soon--like in no more than two weeks, according to the bodyguard. 

But Musings will not miss a deadline.

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Cultural and artistic happenings in Livonia

Arts Commission says lets party on Nov. 5th

LPS invites you to come on out for Rochelle Riley

November 29th

It doesn't get any better than our Civic Chorus at Christmas. December 11.

Our Community Theatre tells of the Life and Adventures of Santa Claus 12/13, 15, 17

Join in with the Livonia Historical Society as we learn more about Michigan, 11/14 @ 2:00